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The Hardy Boys Got This Plan

A little while later, Sam and Dean pout around on the cot together, bleakly contemplating the dire situation outside until the sheriff quietly enters the holding area and unlocks their door. "Come on," the sheriff murmurs. "It's time to go, boys." Sam, Dean, your faithful recapper, his shrieky companion, and, oh, everyone in the entire audience tense up warily at this entirely unexpected development, and Our Dear Boys slowly back away from the guy as he eases himself into the cell until Henriksen pops up behind him to glower, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" "I'm not just gonna sit here and wait to die," the sheriff replies. "We're gonna make a run for it." "It's safer here!" Henriksen insists, with Sam and Dean bouncing their suspicious eyes back and forth between the two like they're watching a particularly energetic ping-pong match. Heh. "There's a SWAT facility in Boulder," the sheriff begins to explain, but Henriksen steps forward to sneer, "We're not going anywhere!" And with that, he plugs the sheriff in the head! "VIOLENCE!" roars Raoul, quivering from top to tail with positively debilitating amounts of exuberance. "WANTON ACTS OF UNREPENTANT VIOLENCE AND GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" And while Raoul's shrieking away like that, the visuals descend into a jumpy blur of quick cuts as Sam and Dean double-team Henriksen to wrestle away the handgun before Sam shoves the agent face-first into the toilet, because Super-Smart Action Sammy used Nancy's purloined rosary to transform the bowl's contents into holy water, and how awesome is that? "PRETTY FUCKING AWESOME, I MUST SAY!" Raoul! Language! "Ooops! I have no idea where that came from, I'm sure! It simply popped out!" Well, watch it -- this is a family site, for fuck's sake. "Duly noted! Hee!"

So, Henriksen, who is of course possessed at the moment, chokes and gags on holy toilet water while Super-Smart Action Sammy Latinates from memory above him, and when the teenaged deputy arrives to intervene, Dashing El Deano warns him off with Henriksen's automatic. Lovely to see that arm of his healed up so nicely in the last five minutes, by the way. "Hurry up!" Dean snaps at Sam over his purportedly uninjured shoulder just as Nancy arrives to join in on the fun, and Sam accordingly speeds up the Latination, but Demonic Henriksen manages to get his head above holy toilet water long enough to grunt, "It's toooooo laaaaaate! I already called them! They're already coming!" Sam shoves his head back into the can and completes his recitation, upon which Demonic Henriksen rears back to expel a foul stream of bitterly black demonic goo that billows overhead to escape out the front door. Henriksen himself, meanwhile, flops down onto the concrete floor and remains there, unconscious, just long enough for everyone involved to wonder if he's dead. He's not, and gasps himself awake to vomit holy toilet water all over the floor for a lengthy period of time until he woozily pulls himself up onto the cot. "I, uh, I shot the sheriff," he realizes. "But you didn't shoot the deputy!" Dean offers with a dazzling grin, going for the obvious joke. Sam's epic bitchface is prodigious enough to smack that dazzling grin clean off Dean's mouth. Hee. And finally, long story short, Henriksen -- absolutely drenched in holy toilet water -- realizes that Sam and Dean have been telling the truth all this time, and frees them. Took him long enough. "I'll say!" "So how do we survive?" Henriksen asks.

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