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The Hardy Boys Got This Plan

Meanwhile, back at the car, Dean keeps stuffing that duffel of his until the lot light above his head starts buzzing and blinking and flickering on and off. He stares at it in horror for a second before redoubling his efforts, but when the roar arrives behind him, he turns to find the entire sky-blotting stampede hurtling directly at his head. Frantic El Deano slams the Impala's trunk -- leaving behind the boys' dreamcatcher, sadly enough -- and pumps his stumpy little bow legs directly into the METAL TEETH CHOMP! "Will he make it?!" Raoul shrieks, nearly as frantic as Dean. "WILL HE MAKE IT!?" Raoul, he's one of the two leads. Of course he's going to make it. "Whew! What a relief!"

Station House. Sam closes his last Trap just as the other three finish salting the various points of entry, and that's very fortunate indeed, for barely have they completed their tasks when Frantic El Deano barges through the front door to bellow, "They're coming!" One of the smoky tendrils SPLAT!s against the window Nancy had pressed her nose against, and she reels back with a squeal of terror as Dean shouts for everyone to haul their asses into the main office, pronto. And I've got to admit: this next effect sequence is fantastically creepy and well-done, as the cloud (sparking throughout with bolts of blue electrical energy, which is something new) hurls itself against the building with enough force to rattle the station to its very foundations before slowly enveloping the entire structure, gradually blotting out all exterior light. And once the various dark demonic forces realize they can't penetrate the protective lines of salt, the cloud angrily retreats, leaving Our Intrepid Heroes and their very special guests alone. For now.

Dean jumps all over this pause in the action to arm Nancy, Amici, and Henriksen with a few possession-blocking amulets he managed to pull from the Impala. "What about you and Sam?" Nancy wonders. The boys -- in unison -- pull aside their shirts to reveal a matching set of amulet-patterned tattoos inked onto their upper chests. Woof. "Smart," Henriksen approves, even though nobody asked for his damned opinion on the matter. "How long you had those?" the agent continues. "Not long enough," Sam glums, and CALLBACK! And now?

We wait for the assault proper to begin, of course. In the meantime, Henriksen gets to gaze mournfully upon Dead Sheriff Dodd's nameplate in said corpse's former office while Dean offers him a couple of sympathetic eyebrows. Out front, Nancy gasps when she spots about thirty of her possessed townsfolk gathered in the parking lot next to the bombed-out helicopter. Of note in the crowd is that luridly garroted deputy who punched a hole through Special Agent Reidy's chest. Sam sidles over to explain the whole possession sitch; Amici slinks through a back room and hoists himself up to wipe condensation off the window so he can peer out into the surrounding darkness. Unfortunately, he accidentally breaks the line of salt on the window's sill while doing so. DOY.

Meanwhile, Henriksen and Dean engage in a lengthy "OMG MY MIND IS BLOWN"/"I've known about this shit since I was six" conversation in the late sheriff's office, the only important part of which is this: Dean, ever the optimist, is firmly convinced the world will end in blood and angst, but he intends to go down fighting nonetheless. Cheery! Oh, I suppose I should also note that he and Henriksen establish an amicable rapport during all of this as well, with Henriksen indicating he might like to join the Winchesters full-time to aid in the boys' neverending battle against Satan and all his variegated minions, but none of that matters, because Henriksen's going to be dead in about fifteen minutes. "Demian! Really!" Oh, hush up, Raoul. Like that's a frigging spoiler after this goddamned scene. They redeem an archenemy during the episode? That archenemy bites it by the end of the hour. It's, like, a law, or something. "I see your point! Do continue!" Thanks.

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