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The Hardy Boys Call It "Just A-Drifting"

Back in This Week's Motel Room, Sam tacks another couple of photographs onto the map until he suddenly decides to call Bobby for a further consult. Portland, you see, is sorely lacking in caves, and as there's also no subway system to speak of, Bobby suggests Sam try the city's reclaimed underground tunnel system. Or, you know, "the sewers." But none of that's really important at the moment because what is important is the fact that Sam uses the call as an excuse to confront Bobby regarding the latter's uncharacteristic standoffishness as of late, eventually demanding to know what exactly happened in the last year to make Bobby so peevish. Bobby hems and haws and dodges the issue by offering a couple of vague non-answers before hanging up, so Sam sighs and flops around This Week's Motel Room until he gets the brilliant idea to call for My Sweet Baboo. Castiel flutters in almost immediately and moves in with arms outstretched, clearly expecting one of Reensouled Sammy's patented bone-crunching embraces, but Sam gets all tense and sits, leaving My Thwarted Baboo hanging. Aw.

In any event, the two of course get to chatting -- of course they get to chatting -- and the upshot of it all is that Sam sneakily tricks Castiel into revealing everything that's transpired over the last couple of episodes. DUN! Well, I think that's a DUN! I suppose we'll have to wait to see if Sam's freakish Cro-Magnon skull explodes to know for sure.

Meanwhile, down in San Francisco, Dean unwisely wires the rock up with a string of explosive charges and, after he and the good doctor retreat into the relative safety of the hall, he blows the thing up. The good news? He actually managed to crack the stone open. The bad news? He also managed to shatter the sword's blade. Wah. Wah. Waaaaaaaaaaaah! Also: CHOMP!-less commercial break!

"What're we supposed to do with this thing?" Sam grouses back in This Week's Motel Room, twirling the sword's jagged stump of a blade around in the light. "Give it a booster shot?" "It's what we got," Dean retorts, adding, "We just got to get a little closer, that's all." Sam rolls his eyes but agrees to go along with the plan, and he draws Dean's attention to a map of the city's reclaimed underground tunnel system, suggesting they begin their search beneath something labeled Portland's "Market District." Dean's all, "Righty-o!" and sets to packing for their next adventure, but when he notices his brother's somewhat downcast demeanor, he stops long enough to wonder what gives. Sam heaves a tremendously put-upon sigh, clearly wondering whether he should confront Dean with the information he so recently teased from My Sweet Baboo, but he eventually thinks the better of it, and the two head out the door.

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