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The Hardy Boys Call It "Just A-Drifting"

Emporium. Bobby glumly notes that the sole purpose for opening a portal into Purgatory seems to be to lead something out of it, and into our plane of existence. The name of that creature? "Mother Of All." DUN!

Meanwhile, back at the spa, Raoul's practically weeping tears of joy over the magical transformation the most tragic of the tragic brunettes just underwent, and wow. That's one hell of a mud bath. This woman's got a positive glow in her eyes, and her hair looks fabulous. "Oh, my dear!" shrieks Raoul, dabbing at his damp cheeks with one of his gossamer handkerchiefs. "Welcome to the new you! Welcome!"

"'Mother Of All'?" Dean dimly repeats. "What's that supposed to mean?" Really, Dean? Really? Christ, you're a fucking idiot.

"We have so much to do!" Raoul enthuses, taking his transformed protégée by the hand. "Let's get started!" he giggles, and just before the screen finally -- finally -- snaps to black, Raoul releases one last infectiously joyful "Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Well, that was interesting.

Next week, Darling Sammy gets his tantalizing ass slung into jail for crimes he no longer remembers committing, or so the promo would have us believe. See you then!

Demian can't believe Sera Gamble actually cast that dizzy lizard in one of her episodes. Raoul's already prepping his Emmy acceptance speech. You may reach the former at The latter is an imaginary gay dragon on the Internet.

Discuss this episode in our forums, then see how the Winchester boys stack up against Other Ghost Hunters! And see who our vlogger thinks they should fight below!

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