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The Hardy Boys Call It "Just A-Drifting"

In any event, Penny thanks her apparent paramour for that worthless piece of trivia he's just shared with her, while he himself mutters something possibly dimwitted about not expecting the storm now raging about them when he decided to take his bitty plane out for a spin that evening. And I say "possibly dimwitted" because there exists the slight chance that something -- what's the word I'm looking for, here? Oh, yeah -- supernatural is responsible for the storm lashing away at them at the moment, though to be honest with you, I'm nearly certain the episode proper makes no mention of that option. Which, you know, means The Paramour's more likely a massive dumbass who was too stupid to check the weather report before going airborne. Moron.

Anyway, Penny begs The Paramour to just land the damn thing, already, leading The Paramour to assure her that they're no more than a few minutes away from the airport, so she should just pop a frigging Xanax and zip it already. Or something like that. Penny would comply, I'm sure, were it not for the fact that a beguilingly svelte shadow with impeccably groomed wings chooses this very moment to flap languidly past the passenger-side window. "Hel-loooooooo!" shrieks Raoul The Big Gay Supernatural Dragon, and what the hell? "Hel-loooooooo, my pretties!" Raoul shrieks again, his typically mellifluent tones rendered rather tinny by the speakers on my ancient Panasonic. "I'm in your TV! Hee! Couldn't you just die!?" I'm plotzing, Raoul. Oh, shit -- he can't hear me, can he? "I can't hear you, my lovelies!" Raoul trills above the thrashing din of the badly CGI'd thunderstorm in which he's somewhat mysteriously found himself, thereby confirming my suspicions. "But!" he adds. "I'm sure you'll all agree your opinion of this auspicious installment of our charming little Friday-evening divertissement just rose by leaps and bounds now you know yours truly has a starring role in it! Whee!" Oh, for Christ's sake. "Whee!" Well, at least I know where he is -- when he failed to perch himself atop his overstuffed armchair this evening in anticipation of tonight's episode, I figured he'd gone down to Excelsior to harass the bar staff again. Good to know they won't be calling to have me drag his drunk ass back home again tonight. "Wheeeeeeeee!" I hope Sera Gamble's paying him well for this -- I haven't seen one red cent from the dizzy lizard for rent since we moved in here a year and a half ago. "Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!" Oh, and now he's just showing off, with all the loops and the spins and the curlicues and such. "Isn't this fun?!" Ham.

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