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The Hardy Boys Call It "Just A-Drifting"

Sometime later still, Dean picks his way through The Emporium's junkyard to find Bobby doing something with a wrench and the undercarriage of a car. What? Like I know from auto repairs. Leave me alone. Anyway, the two settle down at a nearby workbench for a very lengthy chat, the upshot of which is this: Bobby's still pissed about Soulless Sammy going all "Menendez" on his ass not ten days ago, but he agrees that it's his lonely cross to bear, as he understands they can't confront Reensouled Sammy over any of the dastardly deeds he'd perpetrated over the course of the season lest they risk destroying the wall Death erected between Sam's mind and his soul. Or something like that. For his part, Dean's so ecstatic to have the real Sam back that he's seriously considering sending Death a gift basket. "He's gonna find out, you know," Bobby cautions, referring of course to Sam. "One way or another," he continues, "someone'll tell him, or he'll figure it out on his own -- he's not dumb -- but he should hear it from us." The Dean Of Denial takes in that bit of sage advice for a moment, then replies, "Can we just leave it alone for the moment, please?" Bobby sighs, waving his hands around in the air, all, "Fine!" and heads back to the wreck he'd been working on, all the while tossing off one final warning like so: "You better prep for the B side, 'cause when Sam realizes we're shinin' him, it ain't gonna be cute!" You know, God love Bobby, but I swear, sometimes he's so folksy, I want nothing more than to reach through the screen and hurl in his face.

Sometime even later, Bobby and Dean prep the Impala for a run over to Oregon, as Dean's apparently decided to investigate the libelous accusations leveled against Raoul by that rag of a newspaper. Just as they're about to embark, however, Reensouled Sammy bounds up from out of nowhere to wonder what gives. Dean haltingly informs his brother of the proposed road trip, and Sam of course is all, "Road Trip? Wooooooo!" "You just got vertical!" Dean protests. "Exactly!" Sam counters. "Well," Dean argues, "a few more days of crap cable couldn't hurt." "Right," Sam smirks, "because that's what you did when you got back from Hell." Bobby, who'd been silently watching this exchange with something approaching unalloyed loathing for Sam, cuts in to falsify some story about his phone bank and Rufus and whatnot, and trudges off back to the house to leave his two houseguests to their own devices. The boys climb into the Impala's front seat, and the next thing we know...

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