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The Hardy Boys Should Start Screening Their Calls

Rage Manor, where the gentleman of the house has just arrived to stomp on Deluded El Deano's stumpy little bow-legged ass. Rage Daddy bursts through the door to blast a round of buckshot in Dean's general direction and misses in the low-lit gloom of the home's first floor, but it's enough for Dean -- who still thinks he's going up against some dark demonic force sent from the flaming maw of Hell, mind you -- to bobble and fumble that jug of freshly brewed holy water all over the stairs. D'OH! No matter, though, for when Rage Daddy pauses to reload, Dean pounces, and great is the manly tussling that ensues until Dashing El Deano manages to kick Rage Daddy into submission so we can... back to the dungeon, where The Croc STILL will not shut the fuck up and kill Sam already, choosing instead to blather on endlessly about the marvels of modern technology, or whatever, so it's quite satisfying, really, when Deluxe Action Sammy With Super-Special Glow-In-The-Dark Wire-Slicing Fingernails cuts through the telephone cords binding his remarkably broad frame to the chair and starts kicking the dithering dipshit's ass.

Meanwhile, back at Rage Manor, Dean bodily flings Rage Daddy onto the hall runner, relieves the gentleman of his automatic, and backs up to Latinate. Imagine Dean's surprise, then, when Rage Daddy easily steps out of the Devil's Trap. D'OH! Again! Some more!

Dungeon. Darling Sammy, who normally suh-huuuuuuucks at the hand-to-hand, actually manages to wrestle The Croc over to a peg board that's simply bristling with eight-inch hooks, and at exactly the right moment, Our Intrepid Hero rams the palm of his hand into Clark's nose, propelling The Croc's head backwards with such force that it has little choice but to -- wait for it -- SPLAT! "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" Oh, wow. This is, like, an embarrassment of riches after so meager an episode, isn't it, Raoul? "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" Yep, not only has a spray of brain matter fanned out across the peg board from the base of Clark's skull, but The Croc's gagging up gouts of blood through his mouth whilst twitching about uncontrollably due to that spike he's got lodged in his head. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" And with that, I do believe Raoul has passed out. "I have!" Wait a min...oh, never mind.

Rage Manor. After a bit more manly tussling, Dean somehow convinces Rage Daddy that it's all been a tremendous misunderstanding, and whatever minimal interest I had left in this storyline vanishes along with everything else into the final METAL TEETH CHOMP!

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