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The Hardy Boys Should Start Screening Their Calls

The next day, Darling Sammy returns to the motel room after chatting with Lanie -- apparently, given what transpires during the following scene, briefly, and by phone -- to find Deluded El Deano frantically researching recent weather patterns in order to confirm "Sucky John's" assertion that the deal-holding demon is, in fact, in Milan at that very moment. The research does seem to indicate that "dee-monic omens" have been chasing Our Intrepid Heroes across the country for the last two weeks, but Sam still has his doubts -- confirmed by yet another off-screen phone call, this one to Bobby -- and when he expresses those doubts, the entire scene descends into yet another screamy, hair-pulling slapfight until Sam, over it, shrugs his remarkably broad shoulders around and makes for the door to head over to Lanie's. Before he leaves, though, he turns back to his deluded idiot of a brother and begs, "Please -- just please -- don't go anywhere until I get back, okay?" Once Sam's gone, Dean aggressively rolls his eyes around for a bit, and just when we think he's going to sprint through the door on his own, he stompy-clomps over to the kitchenette table and plants himself in a chair. Angrily!

Lanie's. Long story short, "Mom" has been encouraging her darling daughter to do some very "bad things," and next!

Elsewhere in the house, Lanie's rugrat of a brother, "Simon," plays with his Tonka trucks until his toy telephone rings, and of course, it's "Mom." "Yeah, I wanna see you!" Simon mewls into the fake mouthpiece. "Where are you?" Next!

Motel. "Sucky John" one-ringy-dingys with the deed-holding demon's whereabouts. Next!

Lanie finally -- finally -- confesses that her dead mother ordered her to swallow every last sleeping pill in the house so they could reunite on The Other Side. Darling Sammy's most perplexed until Lanie describes that "COME TO ME" stuff on the computer last night. A light flickers on deep within the depths of that freakish Cro-Magnon skull of his, and as the camera tracks rapidly in on his mightily furrowed brow, Darling Sammy breathes, "Lanie, that's not your mother!" NO SHIT, COLLEGE BOY. Also? NEXT!

The Impala grumbles up to a curb somewhere, and Deluded El Deano disembarks to retrieve one of his many Duffels O' Destruction from Metallicar's bottomless trunk. NEXT!

Darling Sammy and Lanie charge through the upper floor of her house until she realizes the rugrat's gone missing. NEXT!

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