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The Hardy Boys Raise a Little Hell
chapel floor, and a pillar of terrible white light erupts from the sigil's center to shoot up towards the ceiling. Dean, completely overwhelmed by his fear of what's now rising through the floor, pretty much regresses to a far younger version of himself as he grasps desperately at his brother's sleeve and whimpers, "Sammy? Let's go!" For his part, Sam manages to fumble for Dean's sleeve in return until -- suddenly overcome by panic and dread -- he freezes in place, and he can only cry out, "He's coming!" as The Light-Bringer's horrible incandescence expands to sear Our Intrepid Heroes' faces from the screen.

That was surprisingly satisfying. "I know!" The way The Kripkeeper managed to tie everything together like that, what with Azazel and Lilith and Ruby and Zachariah and Castiel and the great, big, ongoing trainwreck that is Our Intrepid Heroes' lives? "Simply brilliant!" I'm so glad we're ending the season in agreement, friend of friends. "Me too!" Wait a minute. Are you mocking me? "Hee!" You're mocking me! "Care for a flagon, Demian dear?!" I'd tell you to shut up, but you make the best cocktails. "Wheeeee!"

So, that's it. The CW hasn't held their upfronts yet, but Our Dear Show already got picked up for a fifth season back in February, so that should relieve a little of your hiatus angst. Until September, then, have fun, and try not to drive poor TWoP Barnes insane. "Kisses! Summer hiatus kisses to all my pretties!" Dude, where's my flagon? "Hee! Coming right up!"

Demian still thinks you should get out more. Raoul still agrees. "It's summer, sillies! Go outside and play!" You may reach the former at The latter is an imaginary gay dragon on the Internet.

Discuss this episode in the Supernatural forums, and see how the Winchester boys fare against the greatest TV ghosthunters ever!

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