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The Worst Thing Ever

The next morning, Mr. Campbell pads into the kitchen to make himself some coffee. As he empties the previous day's grounds into the trash, he finds something odd. He reaches into the trash and pulls out a bloody dress shirt. He gives it a slight look of distaste like, "Well, now I'm not in the mood for coffee anymore." Supernatural!

The Impala rolls up to the Sleepy Lodge Motel in whatever small town is en route to the Winchesters' next destination. We know it's the Impala even before we have visual confirmation, because of that sound. If the show wanted to make loads of money, they should release an album of nothing but the Impala's characteristic sounds. The throaty purr it makes when idling, the happy growl as it speeds along the highway, the bass percussion of its doors closing. Call it The Impala's Greatest Hits and just watch the money roll in. But back to the sad reality we live in: Dean does kind of a lazy job of parking Baby, perhaps because he's in the middle of an argument with Sam. "Of all the lame-ass things you've said, that's gotta be the lame-assiest," he says. Sam retorts, "I'm sorry, but I happen to think Shemp was a funnier Stooge than Curly." They argue about whether or not Curly was "too obvious," and I almost feel like they're actually talking about this episode.

Sam changes the subject as they head into their room. "So, we calling James tonight?" he asks. "Nah, let's call him tomorrow," Dean says. "That drive was a bitch." Instead of just picking up the phone and taking half a minute to find out what James wanted, they proceed to discuss why he might have texted them. James, one of them says, is a cop, so maybe it's work-related. "We do owe him," Sam says. "The guy saved our lives once," protests Dean. They've certainly swapped places from the first of the season, haven't they? Sam was all Mr. I Don't Feel Responsible For Saving Everyone or Anyone, and Dean was Professor I'll Do Anything For the Guy Who Saved Me From Purgatory. Besides, these guys almost die or actually die so often that eventually, everyone will get a chance to save their lives. It's just a matter of waiting one's turn.

Dean decides it's time to buy beer. "You need anything?" he asks Sam. "Nah, I'm good," Sam says, even though he sounds like he could use a gallon of Nyquil. Dean reminds his brother that he did just kill a hellhound. So... maybe some Slim Jims? We had to sit through Sam's "pep talk" last week about the light at the end of the tunnel, and it was for nothing, because here we are again, talking about the same crap again. Dean volunteers again to kill another hellhound and let Sam off the hook for the trials. "Kevin doesn't even know what the next trial is," Sam says. "So whatever it is you're worried about, stop. I'll be ready." Not exactly a convincing argument, but whatever. Dean seems placated for the moment and shuffles off to buy beer.

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