Man's Best Friend With Benefits

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The Worst Thing Ever

It's a perfectly logical course of discussion, but Sam tut-tuts him and changes the subject to James's dreams. James rubs his eyes and admits, "I could feel my fingers tearing into their flesh." He's not entirely sure they were just dreams, either. He says he checked with the precinct and found the people in his dreams -- all of them dead. For the most damning evidence, he shows them one of his bloody shirts, helpfully monogrammed with his initials so everyone knows for sure it's his. "What's happening to me?" he asks. "You pissed off another witch," Dean spitballs, "and he or she hexed you, forced you to..." He adds a shrug as punctuation. James allows that it's possible, but has never heard of such a thing. He starts to describe his latest dream, the one about the blind man, but can't go on. Dean assures him they're going to help him. "But you're gonna have to do your part," he says. He opens his bag and pulls out a length of iron chain. "House arrest, my friend." James doesn't look especially thrilled by the prospect, but doesn't argue.

Sleepy Lodge. The Winchesters have returned to their temporary base of operations. Sam is looking up the police reports from the deaths James described, and Dean has just returned from a shopping trip. Among the goodies he's brought back are a bag of chicken feet and something that looks like it came from Oscar the Grouch's shower drain. Sam has also found an article about James going from rookie cop to lieutenant practically overnight. "In the last four years, his solve rate has been right at about 100%," Sam says. "Of course, he's got the booga-booga on his side," Dean says. "Booga-booga" may be the only thing that amused me about this whole episode. Dean turns to look at all the chicken feet and other accoutrements, and worries that their "witch-killing" spell isn't a sure thing. Witches are still human beings, right? Why do they need a spell at all? This is all just an excuse to awkwardly segue into Sam feeling like Dean is actually talking about God's trials. He thinks Dean believes he'll mess them up somehow. "Look, we get too far down the road with this, we can't go back," Dean says. "And it'll be too late for me to jump in." That gets Sam riled up. "Who says you're gonna have to? You know, maybe I'll actually pull this one off." This is stupid! So stupid! Why can't Dean just say, "The last time we did something like this, you got trapped in Lucifer's cage and lost your soul," and then Sam could add, "You're right, that is worrisome, but we'll figure it out together!" But no, that would be much too mature! Instead, they have to be passive-aggressive and snitty and repeat the same damned arguments they've been having for years.

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