Man's Best Friend With Benefits

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The Worst Thing Ever

"You know, I've been going over this," Sam says, "asking myself, 'why doesn't he trust me?'" Is it because you're still off your game after taking a year off from feeling responsible for anyone or anything? Heaven forbid Sam realizes that maybe he hasn't always been super reliable, because his revelation is this: "It's not that you don't trust me; it's that you can only trust you." Blergh. Dean takes a long, hard look at baby bro and asks, "You done?" "Yeah, I'm done if you're done," Sam says. Surprisingly, nobody busts out with, "I'm rubber, you're glue..." Dean turns again to his spell ingredients. He says they can't hesitate to use it, even if they have to use it against James. Sam reminds him it wouldn't be the first free pass they've given to someone. In turn, Dean reminds him that Benny and Kate were forced into what they became. "James chose this." For once, Sam doesn't have an argument.

East St. Louis Police Department. Donning his standard FBI suit, Sam talks to a Detective Ed Stoltz about the recent murders. He says the bureau found a piece of fabric from one of the crime scenes. It's a bit of James's bloody shirt, stuffed into a little zip bag. You'd think it would be in a (fake) evidence bag with some kind of chain of custody record, but no! It's just a little bag like you'd buy earrings from a sidewalk vendor. It's like the Winchesters aren't even trying anymore. Ed grudgingly hands the fabric off to someone for DNA analysis. Ed mentions an eye witness who saw someone in a suit and white shirt at the crime scene. Sam finds this a bit suspicious, as Ed's report made no mention of a witness.

Portia brings Dean to the witchy lounge. For some reason, not one of the dozens of witches and other assorted supernatural types recognize him. They're only mildly distrustful of him because, as Portia says, they know he's an outsider. While they're making their way across the floor, Dean wonders how James found Portia. She says that's not how it works. "The familiar finds the master," she says. Oh, well, that makes everything so much better! Except not really. "They become inseparable," she says. "I guess a lot of people feel that way about their pets," Dean snarks. Portia's figurative hackles go up. "I am not James's pet," she says. "The master and the familiar, there's an unbreakable bond, like a melding of souls. We would die for each other." She glares at Dean, but the lesson is probably lost on him. Besides, we'll later learn that none of what she's said is necessarily true.

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