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The Hardy Boys Meet Nancy Drew

Up at street-level, Our Intrepid Heroes swing a metal detector around to locate an entry into the sewer junction right in the middle of an abandoned lot, and Dean gets digging. Soon enough, they reach a heavy, square manhole cover about a foot down, open it, arm themselves, and start down the ladder past all the vile roaches and water bugs lining the brick shaft.

Meanwhile, Jo bangs and bangs against the metal wall of her prison until she collapses onto her back, temporarily spent. A pair of blackened lips surrounded by an unruly tangle of dark facial hair appears at the slot to croon, "You're so pretty! So...beautiful!" "Go to hell!" Jo sneers. The bad Doctor Holmes will do no such thing, thank you very much. In fact, he's just going to go right ahead and reach his spectral corpse hand into Jo's chamber to caress her face. And then her neck. And then her shoulder. And then her arm. And then her..."Take that, you creepy son of a bitch!" Jo snarls, jabbing at him with W.A.H.'s stupid little pig-sticker. It's made of iron, you see, and exerts the same effect upon this ghost as Super Swingin' Sammy's fireplace poker had on that homicidal little specter last season. Doctor Holmes screams away into the distance

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean worm their way through a narrow, brick-lined sewer tunnel strongly reminiscent of Shawshank Redemption's five-hundred yards of shit-smelling foulness, minus the shit-smelling foulness. And...scene!

Jo wigs silently until The Bad Doctor Holmes gives her something to wig about audibly, specifically both of his corpse hands shooting through the slot to cover her mouth and fondle her face as he ceaselessly whispers, "Shhhhh!" "Hey!" Dean shouts from the far side of an iron gate, right before he blasts The Bad Doctor in the chest with a couple of rounds of rock salt. Kick ass. The Bad Doctor howls backwards through some distant tunnel and disappears, Our Intrepid Heroes jimmy the gate's lock to barge into the sewer junction,'s very, very dark. So dark, in fact, that were it not for darling Sammy's handy flashlight, I'd never be able to make out the details of that rotting corpse he examines through yet another slot in the wall. I'm guessing we're meant to assume it's the earthly remains of the skinny little blonde yuppie too stupid to move to Camden from the very top of the hour, but the camera doesn't reveal enough details of hair and dress to confirm that. In any event, Dean finally springs Jo from her prison, and I'm sorry -- did I state earlier that she was locked in some sort of wooden box? My apologies, as it was actually some weird recess in the wall whose purpose I can't begin to fathom, especially given that heavy metal front piece Dean struggled to hoist open to free her. If anyone has greater knowledge of Victorian-era sewer systems, please enlighten me on the boards when you get a chance. Also: This means the previous occupant of Jo's chamber gouged those nail marks into stone, which makes it even more unsettling and horrifying. "Pfft," Raoul snorts once more. "You pussy." Jo yells something about getting out of the sewer, pronto, and Dean's forced to note that her whole use-me-as-bait idea from earlier is more or less their only remaining option at the moment. D'OH!

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