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The Hardy Boys Meet Nancy Drew

Harvelle's Bar And Grill, the next morning. Ellen drags Jo by the latter's arm through the front door towards the bar. Sam and Dean trail in after them, with Dean offering profuse apologies for his role in the recent debacle, but insisting that Jo's late, lamented father would be proud of what his daughter accomplished. "Don't you dare say that!" Ellen blisters. "Not you! I need a moment with my daughter, alone." Captain Empathy looks abashed as he and his surly brother exit, leaving us to stagger through yet another mother-daughter argument none of us really cares much about at all, despite the fact that Samantha Ferris in particular rocks the house down with what she's been given to play. Long story short, Ellen finally loses her closely collected cool and, anguished, blurts out through suddenly appearing tears and quivering lip and furrowed brow that Daddy Shut Up was responsible for W.A.H.'s untimely demise at the hands of the demon they'd gone out one night to hunt. DUN! Not. Totally not. A real DUN! would be the revelation that Jo's actually Sam and Dean's bastard half-sister, which means Dean's been sprouting wood over his...yeah. Ew. Anyway, all of this is confirmed not by Samantha Ferris indulging in a wonderful bit of emotionally wrecked acting, but by Jo stomping out of the roadhouse to confront Dean about what she's just learned. Dean's shocked speechless by all of it, and Jo, finally, just asks that Our Intrepid Heroes leave her and her mother alone. As Jo heads away from him, Dean drops his head in confusion and grief -- or maybe anger and denial, or maybe bitterness and resentment, or maybe all of those things, or maybe something completely different, because really, his face has pretty much settled into The Ducky-Lipped Default Of Manly Angst at this moment -- as the screen snaps to black.

Next week, Super-Special Sweeps-Week Stunt-Casting, with your host Linda Blair! Also, Dean might get his fool head blown off. See you then!

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