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The Hardy Boys Meet Nancy Drew

Cut to Dean and Jo squeezing themselves through some sort of dead space between the building's actual outer walls and the apartments within, and I know nothing about warehouse architecture, so I'll just set aside all of my doubts about this aggravatingly contrived setup to follow them through dusty cobwebs and around blind corners until Dean reaches a stretch too narrow to pass. Well, too narrow for him. Tiny Jo, of course, has no problem sidling past to continue the investigation on her own. Well, no problem save for the fact that Dean pops a woody as she eases by. No, seriously. NO. SERIOUSLY. "Shoulda cleaned the pipes," he groans. Jo's all, "GAH! Shut UP, you SICK FREAK." "Alas," sighs Raoul, "in this instance, I must agree. Of course, were it I pressing my sleek and supple form against Dean's heroic manliness, it would be an entirely different story." I think Raoul's been reading fan fiction again. In any event, Jo finally winds up at a dead end but, noticing some pipes running down the outer wall, somehow manages to slide down to the floor below via the pipes' opening. Or whatever. It's very dark on my television screen right now, so if you want a more detailed description, you'll have to write to Alona Tal and ask her for it. Dean hops out of his section above and bow-leggedly ambles down a flight of stairs to join her in this new stretch of dead space just as Jo's flashlight finds ectoplasm bubbling between the wall slats right in front of her face. "Oh, God," she breathes into her cell. Dean, keeping tabs on her progress via his own phone, demands, "What is it?" just as the connection's overwhelmed by EVP. "Jo!" he shouts. His answer arrives in the form of her full-throated howl of terror echoing throughout the building. Dean races through the lower hall and smashes a hole through one of the interior walls with a sledgehammer. Still bellowing her name, he pokes his head through and finds, lying in the dirt in the beam from his flashlight, Jo's discarded cell. Dean's subsequent shouts would be impressive, indeed, were they not ripped entirely out of the episode by the METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Aftermath. Dean storms through the apartment building's halls until he rams straight into Sam. The boys fill each other in on recent events as they charge back to their base, where Sam immediately sets to more research while Dean answers his Black Sabbath ringtone. "You LIED to me!" Ellen instantly spits. "Ash told me everything," she seethes. "He's a genius, but he folds like a cheap suit. Now, you put my daughter on the phone!" Dean bluffs something unimportant, but Ellen calls him on it almost before the words have left his mouth, so he's forced to admit that the spirit they're hunting managed to abscond with her daughter. "She'll be okay!" he hastens to add. "I promise!" "You promise?" Ellen rages. "That is not the first time I heard that from a Winchester," she babbles, nearly losing her shit right there on the phone. "I'm taking the first flight out," she finally snaps, opting for action rather than tears. "I'll be there in a couple of hours." And with that, she slams down the phone, hard. Dean winces, then spins on his brother for a solution to their current predicament. Fortunately enough, Sam might have found one: According to one of the blueprints, there's a disused sewer junction beneath the rehabbed warehouse. Dean grabs his Big Bag O' Destruction and orders, "Let's go!"

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