Pac-Man Fever

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Pacing is Not a Strong Suit

Returning to the library, Sam notices that they have new email from Charlie. "In the neighborhood, found you guys a case," he reads. (Also in the inbox: Email from Mythology Weekly about Scandinavian folklore, a guide to the best road food, and some spam enticing them to invest in a "once in a lifetime" opportunity. Since the Winchesters get at least one life a year, that doesn't mean much.) "How the hell does she know where we are?" Dean wonders. It turns out she tried to track their cell signals, but couldn't get any closer than 20 miles. It doesn't seem wise for them to leave their GPS turned on all the time, does it? Sam and Dean are impressed that the LOL apparently has some kind of ability to cloak their signal. "Man, I love this place," Dean sighs. You know who else would have loved it? Kevin Tran, that's who! It's just... so blatantly dumb they didn't have him holed up there. Anyway...

Some time later, Sam and Dean meet Charlie outside as she drives up in her quirky little yellow car and her quirky little T-shirt. "Your Highness," Dean greets her. Charlie hugs the brothers and notices that the sheer effort of embracing has left Sam a bit winded. By now, Sam's hair has resumed its usual shape, which I'm pretty sure is a result of him showing a picture of Megan Mullally to his stylist and saying, "Just like that!" He assures Charlie he's totally fine and asks her what she's doing in Kansas. She thinks for a second and says she's been at a comic convention in Topeka. Sam thinks it's odd that there would be a convention in the middle of the week, but nerdy obsessions sleep for no man! Charlie changes the subject: "So, are you gonna invite me into your dungeon, or do I have to answer your 'questions three' first?"

"Holy awesome," she gushes when she sees the inside of the LOL. "Too bad they were all wiped out - though that is what they get for the sexist name." Dean narrows his eyes at her, but manages to keep quiet. Then they catch up on the latest MoonDoor goings-on for a bit - Dean is totally down with some more role playing - before eventually getting around to Charlie's case. She shows them a coroner's report on her tablet, saying a man in a nearby town was found dead with his insides liquefied. "Locals have no idea what's going on," she says. "They tried to bury the report so people wouldn't freak, but I flagged it!" She's made up a list of all the likely supernatural suspects, from haunted trucks to dragons and everything in between. "When did you become such an expert?" Sam asks. "After you guys left, I dug into all things monstrous," she says. She also found those Carver Edlund books, and is impressed to learn all that stuff really happened. A lot of it we'd rather forget, but whatever. "Thanks for saving the world and stuff," she says, then turns to Sam. "Sorry you have zero luck with the ladies." Sam vows to burn every copy of those books that ever existed, but Charlie informs him that they're all online now. So, tough titties, Sam! Dean tells Sam and Charlie to stay put while he checks out the case, but Charlie wants to come with.

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