Pac-Man Fever

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Pacing is Not a Strong Suit

So Dean takes her down to the shooting range to give her the same test he gave Sam. She takes the gun and shoots the target twice in the head without hesitation. All those first-person shooters must have really paid off. Dean reluctantly agrees to bring her onto the case.

But first, it's time for a makeover!

You'd think that someone who understands the concept of role playing would know how to dress the part of an FBI agent, but then we'd miss out on Felicia Day trying on a series of silly outfits to the tune of "Walking on Sunshine." Her attempts include a leather dress, a red silk jumpsuit and an animal print ensemble. All the while, Dean sits outside her dressing room, giving her stony looks of disapproval and mocking up her FBI badge. He gets fed up with all this eventually and shuts off the MP3 player that's been blaring Charlie's choice of montage music. Charlie pouts, but finally picks a conservative pantsuit that meets with Dean's approval. In between outfits, they've also apparently been talking about the difficulty Sam is having with the trials. "What about Castiel?" Charlie asks. "He seems helpful and dreamy." Dean doesn't disagree with that, but points out that Castiel has his own problems right now. He lets down his guard a bit to tell Charlie just how worried he really is about Sam. She reminds him she's read all the books and knows that the Winchesters can do anything if they work together. "Must be nice having a brother, someone that will always watch your back," she says. Apparently she hasn't seen the bulk of this season.

Dean lies about not being able to get reception on his phone so that he has to borrow Charlie's phone to check on Sam. Sam, who's back in the shooting range, insists that he's fine and proceeds to prove it by missing his target by several inches. "Close enough," Sam says. He better be hoping that whatever monster they're after is the size of a mastodon.

Once they're done reenacting their favorite scenes from '80s movies, Dean and Charlie pay a visit to the Shawnee County morgue. Dean introduces himself and Charlie as Special Agents Hicks and Ripley. The coroner is Dr. Jennifer O'Brien, but I'll always remember her as the lady who got a face full of pus when her boyfriend exploded on that one X-Files episode. "We're here about the body with the, ah, creamy filling," Dean says. "Mind if we take a peek?" She doesn't mind at all, but insists a chain of custody request before handing the body over. Which is kind of weird, because they only asked to see the body, not take it. Dean is baffled. As many times as he's played at being FBI, you'd think he'd be prepared for any eventuality, but no! He flounders a bit while Charlie stands there, looking like someone has a gun to her head. Dean tries to bluff his way past Jennifer's staunch display of competence, but she doesn't budge. She obviously has something to hide or she'd just let them waltz through the morgue like coroners from past episodes. Are the villains this season getting more obvious, or have they always been obvious and it just took me this long to notice?

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