Pac-Man Fever

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Pacing is Not a Strong Suit

Dean wonders why Djinnifer has suddenly started getting sloppy again after nine years. Luckily, they have no problem narrowing down her whereabouts to a house in town or an old shipping warehouse. Even the Winchesters smirk, like, "Oh, you predictable monsters!" Oh, you predictable writers!

Once at the warehouse, Dean quickly finds an unconscious Charlie while Sam sets off in search of Djinnifer. She finds him first, though, and pretty much flattens him with one blow. He cowers in a corner as she advances on him, tattooed arm outstretched. Just before she can grab hold of him, there's a metallic ting! and blue light goes out of her eyes. As she falls to the floor, Dean is left standing there with the bloody blade in his hand.

Sam and Dean rush over to Charlie and inject her with some of Djinnifer's blue goo. Nothing happens. "Different Djinn, maybe she needs a different antidote," Sam says. Dean touches her forehead. "She's burning up, man! We're not letting her turn into Jell-O!" Sam starts thinking out loud about how Djinn put their victims into an "endless loop" to feed on them, so they'll need to find a different way to break the loop. How fortunate, then, that they just happen to have some of that African dream root left over from that time they drank Bobby's hair and followed him into his subconscious mind.

Dean downs a jarful of this foul-looking brew, then realizes he's going need to go to sleep really quickly. "Punch me," he says to baby bro. "Look, man, I know you don't want to -" Sam belts him right across one perfect cheekbone. Dean stumbles, but remains conscious. "You're a little off your game there, because that was pretty -" Sam lets loose with an uppercut that knocks Dean into a conveniently placed chair.

When Dean opens his eyes again, he's in the military office we saw in the teaser. We quickly skip to the part where he's waiting for the elevator as the misshapen shadow lurches up behind him. This time, we get to see that his attackers - for there's more than one now - are fanged soldiers. Just when it looks like Dean is done for, the elevator doors open. Charlie is inside, looking like Lara Croft went shopping with Snake Plissken. Dean gapes at her. She gestures him into the elevator with a jerk of her head, then proceeds to blast the soldiers with a shotgun. "Come with me if you want to live," she says. Then she wonders what he's doing in her dream. He reminds her she was attacked by a Djinn. They're currently trapped in one of Charlie's nightmares based on a video game called Red Scare. "I copied it off the company's servers before the game was finished," she says. "I reprogrammed it to reflect my flamingly liberal politics and then I released it, for free." She was 12 at the time, but that didn't stop them from arresting her. She's been on the run ever since.

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