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The Hardy Boys and the Art of Getting Laid

Return of the Wacky Bass. Sarah stands holding a flashlight while Dean and Sam stand about seven feet underground, digging out a coffin. Sarah remarks that they are "uncomfortably comfortable" with the activity. Dean breaks through the top of the coffin to reveal Isaiah's skeleton. Cut to a long shot of the three standing on the ground above the dug-out grave, Dean pouring lighter fluid down in it and then setting the bones on fire.

The Metallicar pulls up in front of Evelyn's house, where they're making sure that the painting is now harmless. Sarah insists on going to check it out with Sam. Dean offers to stay in the car so Sam can make his move on her. In the house, where the night before, the poor girl tipped the head off her old lady friend like she was one of those policeman cookie jars they sell at Target. I'm sure the romance will be so welcome. As Sam climbs the stairs behind Sarah, Dean cranks a song about being in love with a girl on the car stereo. Sam turns around and draws his hand across his neck in the universal sign for cut it out. Or, in the world of this show, the universal sign for Haunted Painting About To Slit Your Throat. Inside, Sam and Sarah find the painting has changed once again: the little girl and the razor are missing from the canvas. Creepy little girl giggling echoes through the house; multiple tracking zooms in on both Dean, realizing that the front door slamming is not a good sign, and Sam and Sarah, realizing they are now trapped inside the house with a terrifying girl ghost. Metal Teeth Chomp.

Commercials. Sam calls Dean on his cell and tells him that it's probably the little girl. Dean starts going on about how Isaiah was looking down at her in the painting, probably trying to warn them, but Sam interrupts, "Hey, let's recap later." Heh. Does that include me, too? It's a beautiful day out. Dean can't pick the lock; Sam is inside freaking out. Dean tries to calm him down, telling him to look for salt or iron to keep the ghost at bay until Dean can get in. Sam whirls through the kitchen but doesn't find any salt (damn old ladies and their blood pressure) and then informs Sarah that the iron is to repel evil spirits. Both Sam and Sarah are just frantically turning shit upside down in the house when more doors start slamming and a wind kicks up inside. Shot of black-stockinged legs and the hem of a white-eyelet dress stalking forward. The girl's hand clasps the leg of a baby doll as she drags it along the ground. Sugar and spice, I guess. Full-length shot of the girl with a dead and bruised face as she moves through space in that stop-motion way (I'm going to have to figure out what that effect is called, they use it so often).

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