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Aunt Gertrude Gropes The Hardy Boys

Squat. Aftermath. Posh Bela, entirely recovered from her earlier scare, barges in to find the boys shoving their scant belongings into duffel bags, and long story short, she calls them "lads" while tossing them ten thousand dollars for saving her life. And after a few more flippant remarks, Posh Bela click-click-clicks out the front door in her heels, never to be seen again. Hooray!

Okay, so Lauren Cohan could be back for as many as ten additional episodes this season. Let me have my dream, will you?

The next thing we know, it's nighttime again, and Our Intrepid Heroes are motoring down the coast to Atlantic City, where Dim Dean intends to gamble away all of that hard-earned cash on the roulette wheel. Idiot. In the meantime, he's deigned to offer Darling Sammy an apology for chewing Sam out earlier regarding that awesome unpleasantness with The Crossroads Demonette last week. Dean lectures and speechifies about the deal and how he's certain Darling Sammy will soldier on after Dean's gone away, and Sam finally, thankfully, and at very long last calls Dim Dean on all of his bullshit. "Go screw yourself," Sam snarls. "I don't want an apology from you!" he continues. "I don't want you to worry about me, Dean -- I want you to worry about you. I want you to give a crap that you're dying!" During Darling Sammy's little tirade, El Deano got a look on his face I don't recall seeing since last season's "Bloodlust" -- that "I'm smiling and nodding my head even though I really should be caving your motherfucking skull in with a brick right now" thing he does when he's been utterly blindsided by attacks as personal as this one is -- and so I was relieved when he decided to answer all of the screaming by rather calmly announcing, "I think maybe I'll play craps," instead of sucker-punching Sammy in the eye, as he did back then. Because while I applauded him for choosing the latter response this time last year, I'm pretty sure I'd be baying for the douchebag schmuck's immediate and ugly demise after the shit he's been pulling this season.

And look at that! Guess what time it is, Raoul? "Happy happy cocktail time?!" You are correct, sir! "Wheeeeeee!" I thought that one was going to kill me. "You and me both!" What say you give them the rundown on the preview? "Oh, you are too kind! I never get to do this!"

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