Rock and a Hard Place

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The Hardy Boys are Terrible Virgins

NOW! "You were totally right about the goddess thing," I said. "Did she tell everyone that Sam has an angel?" my friend asked. "No, but she did say he was all broken and messed up inside," I said. Then I asked, "Do you secretly work for the show and I didn't know it even though we've been best friends for 12 years?" Because he also guessed that Dean would flirt with a poodle when he mind-melded with a dog. My friend laughed and said, "No, the show is just so predictable that even someone who hasn't seen this season yet can figure out what's going to happen."

Back to the show.

The next morning, Jody packs her stuff up at the motel and prepares to head out. That wound seemed pretty serious, but she seems totally fine except for having her arm in a sling. The brothers gingerly hug her, then watch her leave. "Don't get the door for me or anything," she calls over her shoulder. Yeah, they weren't going to.

Sam sighs heavily. He's worried there's something really wrong with him. "Vesta said I was practically dead inside," he says. Nine seasons will do that to a guy. "It's probably the trials," Dean says, adding ,"You know, some sort of aftereffect." Sam has his doubts. He thinks maybe it's just going to be this way forever. He looks like he's going to start crying. Dean closes his eyes and thinks, and thinks some more. "I can't let you put this on yourself," he says. He sits down across across from Sam, ready to tell him the truth. Suddenly, Sam's eyes flash blue and his posture improves exponentially. Ezekiel warns Dean that Sam isn't ready. "If he ejects me, he will not make it," he says. "Damn it, Zeke! How much longer we gotta keep playing this?" Dean wants to know. Chill out, dude. The midseason cliffhanger is almost here! Zeke promises it won't be much longer, then drops back into the depths of Sam's innards. Sam prods Dean to finish what he was saying. Dean just says they'll figure it out. Sam looks sad. Dean looks sad. Recapper looks bored.

Tippi Blevins took a pledge not to write any recaps before she was married, but failed miserably. Contact her at, or find her her on Twitter: @TippiB.

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