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The Hardy Boys Get Some

More swerving, more engine revving, more cell phone talking. Sam tells Sam to go "exactly seven tenths of a mile and then stop." In doing so, Dean wheels the car around to face Fat Joe Truck, which waits for a moment before zooming straight at him like it's going for a head-on collision, but the moment it gets to the Metallicar, it disappears into thin air with a yelp and a screech. Fat Joe Truck isn't so tough after all, huh? It turns out that Dean has stopped on the site of the old burned-down church, and that crossing "hallowed ground" usually destroys "evil spirits." This all begs the question: Why couldn't Sam direct him to go just past the church and have the truck drive through the site to get to Dean, while keeping some distance between Dean and his imminent demise? Dean has an even better question for Sam, who says he figured that doing all this might kill the truck. "Maybe? Maybe? What if you were wrong?" Sam college-boys, "Huh. Honestly, the thought hadn't occurred to me." They hang up, and Dean sits in the car muttering, "'Honestly didn't occur to me'? I'm gonna kill him."

Commercials. Dean and Cassie walk toward the Metallicar, parked outside some sort of warehouse. Sam is in the driver's seat, gawking at them. Cassie says, "This is a better goodbye than last time," and Dean lets me down by saying, "Yeah, well, maybe this time it'll be a little less permanent." Cassie replies, "I'm a realist. I don't see much hope for us, Dean," neglecting to add, "Because no way in hell are they going to hire me again." Dean keeps hope alive: "Well, I've seen stranger things happen," and they smack some more with Sam looking on like some weird Euro-voyeur HBO Real Sex dude. Meaningful looks, Dean gets in the passenger seat, and they take off. In the car, Sam tells Dean he liked Cassie and then asks, "You meet someone like her, ever make you wonder if it's worth it, putting everything else on hold, doing what we do?" Dean smirks, puts a pair of really lame sunglasses on, leans back, and says, "Why don't you wake me up when it's my time to drive?"

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