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The Hardy Boys Get Some

Oh, crikey, Kripke -- freaking Bad Company plays as we cut to Dean and Cassie thrashing around in bed. I didn't realize I was such a prude, but the scene is a little bit much for me. I also truly hate when actors convey animalistic lust by bobbing their heads toward one another like so many hens pecking the ground for bugs. We get that you're hot for one another, quit trying to eat each other's lips! But because I'm a professional, goddammit, I'll recap it: Dean's naked chest, Dean's naked nipple, Dean's naked back, Dean's naked shoulders. Cassie? Cassie who?

Cut to Whitey, hanging out in a frosty outdoor area and perusing blueprints by himself. Yes, this all makes sense now. …What? Why is the mayor of a town of some 35,000 people looking at blueprints at an outdoor construction site in below-zero weather ALONE? Anyway, he rolls up his blueprints and puts them in his trunk, only to turn around and find Fat Joe Truck flexing on him. He runs down the middle of the road, but alas, human locomotion is no match for Fat Joe Truck. Mayor Whitey gets run over, rolls down an embankment, and we get another very graphic shot of his dead face, with what appear to be totally ripped-apart lips, wide eyes, and lots of dripping blood. Commercials. Cassie and Dean are in bed discussing how Cassie is just so over Mayor Whitey's death. Even though she hasn't learned about it yet, I figure her mourning periods are so compressed as to actually run their course before she even finds out someone has died. Not really. Actually, they're doing that self-satisfied "we should fight more often" shtick, making it even more shticky by acknowledging that they are good at fighting and sex, not so good "at all the other stuff." Dean tells her that "he tried. When I told you who I really was, it was a big first for me." Aww. I could look at Jensen all night. Eep! Switch to a long shot where I am reminded that he has an annoyingly stiff actress nestled in his arms. She asks why he told her about his real self and Dean responds, "I don't know." Heh. Love it. Cassie has a few more lines that none of us give a shit about. Dean tells her that he sees "horrible things" in his work but could never work things out with her. Cassie then wins the Nobel Prize by observing, "Well, usually things get worked out when you really want them to." Really? Call the President and tell him to take a vacay. Oh, wait, he already is. (Rimshot!)

Funnily enough, while recapping this scene, after each sentence I keep trying to start a new paragraph because I'm willing the scene to end. It refuses to do so, but I win, because I refuse to recap the rest!

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