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Deviled Red Herring

What he says for his Sacrament of Penance will have to remain a mystery to us for a while, considering we go back to Dean finishing up prep out of the Impala's trunk. Suddenly, a familiar flutter of feathers fills the air. "Dean, I need your help," says Castiel. "I'm a little busy, Cass, take a number," Dean tells him. Dean goes back to his ammo gathering until Castiel says that Naomi has taken Metatron. This is the first that Dean has heard that Castiel even knows Metatron, so Castiel has to catch him up on their Angel Trial team-up.

Metatron is just coming to in Naomi's office. He's been strapped into her fancy dentist's chair and a gleaming drill awaits him on a tidy little table. "Your reputation precedes you," he says, looking at the drill. He starts to say something about the archangels, but Naomi cuts him off. "[They] wanted me to debrief you after God left," she says. He scoffs. "Debrief me? Is that what you call it?" She points out that he ran before he could find out. She wonders why Metatron would suddenly come out of hiding, knowing that they would be looking for him. "And what are you doing with Castiel?" she asks. Instead of answering, he decides to quote Samuel Johnson: "Of the blessings set before you, make your choice and be content." Naomi chooses to drill into his head.

Dean argues that he can't drop everything to help Castiel just now. "If anybody needs a chaperone while doing the heavy lifting, it's Sam." Of course, this is the precise moment that Sam walks up behind them and hears everything. Dean realizes this and makes an "aw, shit!" face. "You should go," Sam tells his brother. Dean is more than a little reluctant to leave him, but Sam eventually talks him into it, pointing out they might be able to get rid of the angels and demons at the same time. "Start the injections," Dean tells him. "If I'm not back in eight hours, finish it -- no question, no hesitation." Dean grabs the Angel Tablet and then, with a hand on his shoulder, Castiel flutters them both away.

Sam returns to the church and draws out the first syringe of his blood. "You really think injecting me with human blood is gonna make me human?" Crowley scoffs. It does sound kind of wonky, doesn't it? After all, a demon's meatsuit is full of human blood! Statistically speaking, at least some of those meatsuits would have had "purified" blood, whether from confession or innocence. Sam doses Crowley with his blood and frowns when there doesn't seem to be any immediate effect. "See you in an hour!" Crowley tells him. As Sam heads back to the altar where he's assembled his tools of the trade, the veins in his arms begin to glow.

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