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Deviled Red Herring

Dean enjoys some beers at that Houston bar and watches a TV show about bow hunting. It's a bow-themed evening, apparently. Castiel slides into the bar stool beside him. "Anything?" Dean asks. "You've been gone long enough." Castiel looks glum and replies, "Well, there was one female, but... I don't think she was female." He notices that Dean has been putting away quite a few beers. "You think it's wise to be drinking on the job?" he asks. "What show you been watching?" Dean metas. Then he gets serious as he broaches the subject of shutting the doors on Heaven. He doesn't think the angels will be particularly happy to be locked in there with Castiel. Castiel knows there's a chance they'll kill him, so he gets in as much staring at Dean as he can. "So, this is it," Dean says. "E.T. goes home." Castiel looks a little confused by that, but doesn't have time to question it before the door opens.

Eureka! It's a woman! She says her name is Gail and she's dropping off the booze in place of the usual delivery guy. "Show time," Dean says under his breath. Gail smiles at Dwight and at another guy who's sitting at the end of the bar. Dwight introduces them: "Gail, this is Rod. He rides the stool here most days." She pats them both on the shoulder and bids them goodbye. Dean and Castiel are confused when she turns around and leaves, and even more confused when Dwight and Rod begin to flirt with each other. Dean goggles at them like a goldfish that's just had its heteronormative worldview rocked.

Man, Sam is looking sicker by the minute. "Ain't it about time for the next love injection?" Crowley taunts him. He sings a few lines from David Bowie's "Changes." Sam doubles over in pain. Oh, come on, it wasn't that bad. His arms glow again. The church begins to shake and a crack forms in the wooden floor, cutting through the outer circle of the Devil's Trap. Crowley's all set to gloat again, but then it turns out the cavalry consists of Abaddon and she's not exactly a fan of his. "Hello, boys," she says. "That's my line," Crowley pouts. Sam reaches for a gun, presumably loaded with another Devil's Trap bullet, but she waves him into the nearest wall. Why doesn't she just kill him outright? Because then she wouldn't get to hurl him through a window, which she does in short order. Crowley commands her to unshackle him, but she'd rather punch him in the face for a while.

Outside the bar, Dean and Castiel confront "Gail." "Hello, brother," she says to God's Dreamiest Angel. "Give us your bow," Castiel says. Without waiting for a response, he flicks the All-Purpose Angel Sword out of his sleeve and into his hand. Dean puts himself between Castiel and Gail. "Talk first, stab later." For some reason, Gail doesn't flit out of there at once.

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