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Deviled Red Herring

Time passes and Sam gets ready to suck out another syringe of his blood. By now, he looks like a background zombie on The Walking Dead. "Would it be possible, Moose, to ask you a favor?" Crowley asks, his voice even raspier than usual. "Sam, when you were confessing back there, what did you say?" Sam frowns at him, unsure if this is the prelude to some trick. Crowley goes on as a Dean-like single tear falls from his eye, asking, "Where do I even start to look for forgiveness?" Sam holds up the syringe and answers, "How about we start with this?" This time, Crowley doesn't fight, but offers his neck for the injection.

Dean calls Kevin to check on his progress. "I think I found the angel trials," Kevin says, "but I don't see anything about nephilim or Cupid's bow, or anything like that." Castiel is carrying a plastic baggie of either Hannibal Lecter's midnight snack or Gail's severed hand. Did they really need to take the whole thing? While Dean and Kevin argue over the particulars, Castiel turns to find Naomi standing behind him. "I'm not here to fight you, Castiel. Not anymore." Castiel advances on her. Watch out, Naomi! He's got an extra hand! "Where is Metatron?" he asks. Naomi says that everything Metatron has been telling him is a lie. Kevin overhears this through his call with Dean. "I've been in his head," Naomi says to prove she knows whereof she speaks. To Castiel, this only proves that she has a penchant for noodling around inside angelic heads. "I'm trying to fix Heaven; Metatron is trying to fix Heaven," he says. "Metatron isn't trying to fix anything!" Naomi says. "He's trying to break it -- an act of revenge for driving him away." Dean wants to hear more, but Castiel cuts him off. Nonetheless, Naomi goes on: "[He'll] expel all angels from Heaven, just as God cast out Lucifer." She says he wants to send all the angels to Earth, which doesn't sound so bad unless, like Lucifer, they get really get pissed off and start acting out. It's a mystery why she suddenly seems so repentant as she tearfully explains she lost sight of what God wanted them to do. Now she turns to Dean. "I want nothing more than to see you shut the Gates of Hell... but if Sam completes those trials, he is going to die." She says she saw it in Metatron's head. "It was always God's intention: the ultimate sacrifice." Again, why would God want to make it so difficult to shut up Hell? Why does nobody ask these things? She tells Castiel that Metatron has been "neutralized" and invites God's Dreamiest Angel to come back to Heaven. With that, she flutters away.

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