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Sex and The Single Hardy Boys

The next day, having presumably disposed of The Siren's corpse, the boys plus Bobby gather beneath the opulently scenic Skybridge that spans the mighty east fork of the One Hundred And Two River there in downtown Bedford to process through recent events over a couple of bottles of soda because -- as Bobby reminds us -- they're all driving somewhere when this is done. Sam thanks Bobby for saving their tantalizing asses again, some more, and Bobby kindly reminds them they've done the same for him in the past on more than one occasion before chiding them for neglecting to check Agent Nick's credentials. "Only took one call to figure out [he] wasn't real," Bobby notes, and that seems a little unfair, given the elaborate phone-answering system he's got set up for credentials challenges way up there in the lush coastal rainforests of central South Dakota, but whatever. There are ninety seconds to go in this episode, and my raging head cold wants them done with. "Oh, you poor dear!" shrieks Raoul. "I'll start fixing your hot toddy right now!" Bless you, friend of friends. So, in any event, Bobby next asks if the boys are going to be okay, and they noncommittally shrug their shoulders around, so he takes that as a yes and hops into his Chevelle to head back to his Emporium, leaving Our Intrepid Heroes alone for the awkward denouement that follows.

To kick things off, Dean wonders if they'll be saying goodbye to Doctor Feelgood before they skip town, but Darling Sammy doesn't see the point in that -- yet another way he's changed over the years, evidently. "Well, look at you," Dean grins admiringly, "love 'em and leave 'em," and I'd make some snide remark about Dean being fine with Sam's gradual evolution so long as the result of that gradual evolution ended up being exactly like Dean, but I haven't the time to think it through properly. Next! The two hasten to assure each other that the nasty -- and true -- insults they hurled at each other the previous evening were the result of nothing more than The Siren's devious spell warping their fragile little minds, and they manage to agree to continue deluding each other. "So, we're good?" Sam asks. "We're good," Dean nods, but his eyes get a bit of the thousand-yard stare after he says it, and as the two climb into the Impala and slam the doors shut at the same time, we head into the next mini-hiatus knowing things are most certainly not good at all. DUN!

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