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Sex and The Single Hardy Boys

...the Impala, where Dean's leaving a frantic message on Bobby's answering machine. He continues to drive all by his lonesome through the rainy night until he gets an idea, and the next thing we know, he's enlisting the aid of Agent Monroe, who agrees to assist Our Intrepid Hero in "canvassing" for a suspect. And so, we next find ourselves at...

...Lang's Cocktail Lounge, somewhere apparently on the outskirts of town. From his car out on the edge of the lot, Nick watches as Cara exits a taxi and skitters on in atop a pair of dangerously high pumps. Dean slides into Nick's passenger seat the instant Cara's disappeared into the bar, and after agreeing that direct confrontation would probably not be the best way to handle this particular suspect, the two settle in to wait for her to emerge with another of her (presumed) victims. "So, you think she's drugging these guys?" Nick asks. "I know how it sounds," Dean begins, but Nick cuts him off with, "Are you sure? 'Cause it sounds like crazy on toast -- all these different strippers, they're magically the same girl, but then they're not strippers at all, it's Doctor Quinn?" Well, when you put it like that... Dean assures Nick he has his reasons, and when Nick, surprisingly enough, decides to play along for a while, Dean twists open a flask, takes a swig, and passes it to his new partner, who takes a swig of his own before passing it back. "So, let's say she is drugging her vics," Nick supposes. "How's she pulling that off?" Dean knocks back another taste before shrugging, "She could be injecting them, or passing the toxin through physical contact." "It could be her saliva," Nick too-casually offers, eyeing the flask. "You really should have wiped the lip of that thing before you drank from it, Dean." Dun-dun-DUN! Wow. Totally did not see that one coming. I knew it wasn't going to be the doctor -- because, yeah, too obvious -- but the male FBI agent? Never occurred to me that they'd go there. At all. So, uh, bravo, Supernatural! I think.

In any event, Dean stares at the flask in his hand in horrified disbelief for an instant before The Siren starts working his mojo, crooning, "I should be your little brother." Dean, wide-eyed, and seemingly unable to control his movements, turns to stare The Siren dead in the eye as The Siren continues, "Sam? You can't trust him -- not like you can trust me!" At this, The Siren examines his ghoulish reflection in the rear-view mirror while adding, "In fact, I really feel like you should get him out of the way, so that we can be brothers." "Forever," The Siren finishes, and Dean takes a second or two, seemingly to think that one over before nodding, "Yeah. Yeah, you're right." And then the METAL TEETH CHOMP! sneaks in to snack on his ridiculously luxurious lashes.

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