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The Hardy Boys Are Daddy's Boys

Commercials. Back in the dark room, lots of invisible slashing and stop-motion camera work and strange metallic yelps and yawps. All while Daddy keeps up a steady "AAAARRRRGGGHHH! AAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!" like, take it down a notch, Papa. Sam tells them all to shut their eyes as he struggles toward his Preparedness Kit. He yells some nonsense about "lighting up" the shadow demons just before lighting an intensely bright flare in the room that sizzles and smokes as it fills the room with light. I will never understand what this particular technique has to do with dispensing the demons, since the shadows were avowedly not connected to the daevas' power or existence, so I don't see how lighting them up would get rid of them. We'll just leave it at that. The three stagger out of the room, coughing and leaning on one another. Poor fellows and their repeated tragic fleeing from brightly lit, smoky, demon-filled rooms. The more things change, the more they, well, you know.

Out on the street, the three -- Daddy being supported by Dean, Sammy leading the pack -- approach the Metallicar. Sam says they don't have much time as the flare will soon, so to speak, flare out. But Dean tells him to wait and then turns halfway toward his father: "Dad, you can't come with us." Sam is not happy at this suggestion. Daddy worries about how beat up they all are, but Dean says they'll be okay. Sam thinks they should all stick together. Drunken Bee thinks they should all come over her house for a nice cup of tea and maybe a crumpet. Dean explains to Sam that if they bring their father along with them, "they" will use the boys to get to John. Again, a logic I totally don't follow. How does this demon locate them, anyhow? Argh. Sam begs his father to come along with them, but his father reminds him that the fight is just starting, and that Sam needs "to let [him] go." And there is the hammer with which the point is driven home. It's like I always say -- along with various Real World cast members hoping to justify their slutting around on their boy/girlfriends -- "when you love something, set it free." Lots of close-ups of their very bloody faces. Sam claps his hand on his father's shoulder, and Daddy walks off to get in his Truckosaurus Metallitruck.

The boys bleed their way into the Metallicar and watch him leave. They turn to one another in silence, Dean revs the engine, and the car takes off down the street. As the camera follows the car, it runs into Short Lip coming up out of what appears to be a subway station -- very odd, since we just saw her lurking outside the boys' room which they just escaped. In any case, she's very straight-backed and mechanical-seeming in this shot as her head turns to catch the Metallicar peeling out around a corner. RoboShortLip? RoboMeg? ShortLipInator? These are the issues I'll ponder over the next few weeks as we head into one hell of a Supernatural dry spell.

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