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The Hardy Boys Are Daddy's Boys

A bass line takes us to a bar scene where Dean is leaning on a bar in colloquy with a plastic-looking brunette bartender. The voice-over here is hilarious, as we faintly hear Dean over the murmur of the crowd, "Really? Mufflemuffle five years?" and then the bartender answer in COMPLETE NONSENSE, just a giggle stretched over a few syllables to give the aural illusion of a sentence being spoken. It reminds me of that scene in Waiting for Guffman when the actors onstage need to create a crowd murmur, and so all launch into saying "Hub bub hub bub hub bub." Sam walks in; Dean notices him, downs a shot, and goes to join him. Sam asks if he got anything from the bartender "besides her number"; Dean takes offense, saying he's a professional before breaking into a smile and holding up a napkin with a phone number scrawled on it. Sam snarks, "Would you mind doing a little thinking with your upstairs brain, Dean?" which is NOT what he was asking Dean to do last night. Dean tells Sam to cool out because there's nothing to learn about Tuffy, she was totally normal. Sam hasn't found out anything about the symbol, so we see where his upstairs brain has gotten him. Express ride on the Boring No. 9. Dean reminds Sam that there was another victim before Tuffy, and Sam hands over the newspaper clipping about this murder victim. There's no apparent connection between this banker and Tuffy the bartender. Dean tries to steal my job for a second: "So to recap, the only successful intel we have so far is the bartender's phone number."

Sam looks over Dean's shoulder and suddenly gets out of his chair. He walks over toward another table where a woman with short blonde hair sits with her back to us. He taps her on the shoulder, she turns around, and it's our favorite resident short-lipped blood phone technician, Meg. Metal Teeth Chomp.Commercials. Back inside the bar, Short Lip greets Sam with smiles and hugs. And, let me take a moment and don my hairshirt because I have to admit something that makes me want to spend the next ten years deep in self-flagellation: Short Lip's hair looks kind of cute right here, and her delivery is not quite as pornily mucklemouthed as it was the last time we saw her. Sam tells Short Lip that he's in Chicago visiting friends. She looks around and asks where these friends are. Sam stutters in response before asking what she's doing there, since she had been heading to California when he last saw her. She delivers another hydrocephalic joke: "I came, I saw, I conquered. Oh, and I met what's his name, something Michael Murray, at a bar," and Sam slaps the demented joke on its ass and makes it cry, "Who?" Kind of a forced dig at the actor who was once mean to Jared Padalecki, but perhaps my sentiments are affected by the fact that I'm probably innately more interested in the feud between Curious George and Babar the Elephant than I am in the one between Padalecki and CMM. Cut to Dean, who has approached Short Lip and Sam. Short Lip says she's now living in Chicago. Sam quickly August Dupins at her, "You're from Chicago?" but she "Ourang-Outangs" back, "No, Massachusetts, Andover." Close-ups of both Sam and Short Lip expressing lusty surprise at seeing one another again so randomly. Dean clears his throat. Short Lip snaps, "Dude, cover your mouth."

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