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The Hardy Boys Are Daddy's Boys

Dean's notebook, with a sketch of the Daddy Long-Legs symbol. Pan over to his laptop, where we see a phone book listing for Meg Masters in Andover, MA. Dean picks up his cell phone to transition us over to Sam parked on the street in the Metallicar. Sam answers, and Dean asks if he's "lurking outside that poor girl's apartment." Sam initially says no, but then admits that he is. Dean tells Sam that Short Lip checks out, that he found her in the Andover phone book and he was able to pull up her high school photo. Hardly incontrovertible evidence, but whatever. Dean then recommends that Sam go "knock on her door and invite her to a...poetry reading, or whatever it is that you do." Then he licks his finger, raises it to the air and hisses, "Sssst!" to indicate how awesomely he just burned Sam. Sam bores, "What about the symbol?" forcing Dean to also bore, "It's Zoroastrian. Very, very old-school. Like two thousand years before Christ. It's a sigil for a daeva." Sam stands in for us viewers: "What's a daeva?" and Dean replies, "Translates to demon of darkness. They're savage, animalistic, nasty attitudes, kind of like demonic pit bulls." I feel like siccing Malcolm Gladwell on Kripke for this nonsense about pit bulls.

Sam asks how Dean found all this information out, and Dean defends himself: "You don't have the corner on paper chasing around here." Sam challenges Dean to name the last book he read, and Dean confesses that he just called one of their dad's friends and asked him. Ouch. That's pretty lame. Dean continues, though, telling Sam that daevas have to be summoned, and that the summoning is dangerous. Nobody knows what a daeva looks like, and Dean concludes that there must be "a major player in town" to be dealing with such dark forces. Having telegraphed this bunch of boring dots and dashes, Dean jokes, "Now why don't you go give this girl a private strip-o-gram." Sam walks into it again: "Bite me," allowing Dean to follow up with, "No, bite her." Oh, so pat.Sam looks up at Short Lip's darkened apartment. A light flips on, and Slut Lip sidles right up to the window in her bra, holds a t-shirt out in front of her, and then shimmies her booby way into it. Cut back to Sam, and to a woman bending over to clear her throat next to the Metallicar's open passenger side window. Sam stammers an excuse but she prudes, "Pervert!" and then goes on her way. Cut to Short Lip leaving the apartment building and walking purposefully across the street in front of the Metallicar. Sam has bent over so as not to be seen, but the second she crosses, he gets out of the car to follow her.

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