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The Hardy Boys Are Daddy's Boys

Sam turns to Dean and asks if he's nervous. Dean denies it, and then so does Sam. More gun-cocking, low-angle shots. Sam smiles and wonders aloud what will happen if "this whole thing is over tonight." Low angle shot of Dean looking pensive. Sam fantasizes that he'd "sleep for a month. Go back to school. Be a person again." Dean sucks his lips in and furrows his brow and expresses surprise at Sam wanting to go back to school. Sam pauses while Dean continues to fiddle with various weapons. Sam looks intently at his brother and asks what he plans on doing once "this is all over." Dean snaps, "It's never gonna be over, there'll always be others, something to hunt." Sam won't let his older brother get away with this, and presses him to say what it is Dean wants for himself. Dean snaps that he wants Sam to leave the second this thing is over. Sam once again is just a tad more emotionally mature than his brother, and so he asks Dean what his problem is. Strings of Heartfelt Confession begin.

Dean does that whole hunched-over-shoulders thing as he leans on a dresser, then pulls himself together and turns to Sam: "Why do you think I drag you everywhere, huh? Why do you think I came and got you at Stanford?" Sam thinks his motivation was simple: for help in finding the demon that killed their mother, but Dean has more to confess. Dean tells Sam that he wants the three of them "to be a family again." Sam tears up and tells Dean that they already are a family. Huh, I didn't realize communicating via voicemail really qualified as family time, but maybe I'm just old-fashioned. Sam is the voice of wisdom, telling Dean that "things will never be the way they were before." Dean suggests that maybe things could be "the way they were" and Sam takes a deep breath and wises some more, "I don't want them to be. When this is all over, you're going to have to let me go my own way." Dean sort of squints in acknowledgment, as if to say, "Yes, Leaping Fawn, you speak the truth." I squint in acknowledgment that I am crying like a baby. Establishing shot of the Warehouse of Doom, which happens to have lovely windows. The two fruit loops hoist themselves up the elevator shaft again, grunting and clanking, while Short Lip whispers in her stupid evil language before the altar. The boys pull themselves up into the room and scoot over to a hiding spot in the corner, guns drawn on Short Lip's back. They crouch behind empty wooden crates and another of those damn artist's manikins. Short Lip keeps intoning while they get their big guns set. This is how they planned to "stake out" the major player? Call Rosie O'Donnell for some freaking suggestions next time, fellas. Short Lip agrees, as she breaks her fake chanting to call them out: "Guys, hiding's a bit childish, don't you think?" She instructs them to come out and they obey, but still with guns drawn. She cutes to Sam that his having his gun pointed at her puts a crimp in their relationship. Dean cutes back, asking where her little daeva friend is. And this is probably the time when you make your move on her, rather than waiting to get mauled by the Shadow in Desperate Need of a Manicure. Short Lip tells Dean that the shotgun won't stop the daeva, and he assures her that the shotgun isn't for the demon. Sam's breathing a bit heavily as he shakily asks who she's waiting for, and she states simply, "You." Cut to the shadow flowing over the cement block walls all Nosferatu, and then cut to a shot of the Shadow mauling the brothers' shadows something good. Dean gets thrown into some crates, and it looks like the shadow, after scratching up Sam's face, goes ahead and starts tying him up. I was unaware that animalistic shadow demons have opposable thumbs. Metal Teeth Chomp.

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