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The Hardy Boys Are Not The Droids You're Looking For

In any event, the boys split up, with Sam sticking to Doctor Doc while Dean shadows Andy. Sam jogs across the street as Dean watches Andy double back to his van and drive off. Get this: Andy's license plate reads "RU-OBI-1." Ooof. In any event, Metallicar chugs off after Andy's Barbarivan, and we follow the entirely unexciting non-chase for a very lengthy period of time until Andy pulls over to the side of the road and hops out to wander back towards the Impala. Dean looks like he briefly considers throwing the thing into reverse and peeling out of there, but he decides to remain and see how this whole thing plays out. For protection, however, he slides his automatic into his jacket pocket, keeping one hand on it through much of what follows. "Hey!" Andy opens upon reaching Metallicar. "That is a cherry ride! Man, '67? Impala's best year, if you ask me." Dean squirms as Andy continues, "This is a serious classic!" Dean warily joins in, admitting that he "just rebuilt her, too." "Can't let a car like this one go," he adds. "Damn straight!" Andy concurs, slapping on the roof for emphasis before he leans into the driver's-side window and asks in a voice that suddenly gains a deeper, darker echo, "Hey, can I have it?" "Sure, man!" Dean perks, hopping out immediately with a broad smile on his face. "Sa-weet!" Andy dorks as he takes Dean's place behind the wheel. "There you go!" Dean grins, closing the door for the van-living slacker with the mad mind-control skillz. "Take it easy!" Andy carefully swings Metallicar around Barbarivan and tools away, leaving Dean bow-leggedly bewitched in the middle of the road. Before Andy's even turned the corner, though, Dean's already looking around, all, "The hell did I just do with MY CAR?" Heh.

Back on this pissant little burg's main drag, Doctor Doc receives The Vaguely Demonic Cell Phone Call Of Gory Shotgun Mayhem And Doom at the base of the clock, just as he did in Sam's premonition. Sam anxiously eyes the Blue Ridge bus passing on cue, so he races across the street to leap the steps into the hardware store that also sells shotguns. He frantically looks around, trying to figure out a way to prevent his premonition from coming to pass, and settles on the store's burglar alarm, which he trips into its full, whooping glory. He skitters back outside just in time to watch Doctor Doc bite his tongue and shake his head in confusion before turning away, headed towards points unknown. Don't get too frisky with that sigh of relief just yet, Sammy boy, 'cause here comes Andy rolling down the street in your brother's car, chatting away on his cell. And then, unbeknownst to Sam, Doctor Doc takes another call. D'OH!

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