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The Hardy Boys Get Molested

Elizabethville's Main Drag. Aftermath. Dean and Bobby babble about Elizabethville's future for a very lengthy period of time even though no one cares because the town doesn't really exist, and then finally Dean reveals that Darling Sammy might have returned from The Great Beyond as an impossibly gargantuan bar of Ivory soap. Bobby LIES that he's sure Sam's okay. Next!

Motel. Ruby The Sparkly Haired Demon interrupts Sam's packing, and the two bicker and snipe at each other, as they do, until they reach the end of the scene, where Ruby at last lays a little bit of uncomfortable truth on Darling Sammy's remarkably healthy ass. "This won't be easy, Sam," she tells him, referring to the as-yet-unspecified task they have before them. "You're gonna have to do things that go against that gentle nature of yours," she elaborates while remaining maddeningly abstruse about the whole thing. "There'll be collateral damage," she finishes, "but it has to be done." "I don't have to like it," he snaps back at her. "No," she agrees, easily enough. "You wouldn't be Sam if you did." "But on the bright side," she perks, "I'll be there with you." And she advances slowly upon him as she describes it: "That little fallen angel on your shoulder." Poor Sammy looks lost and wasted and on the verge of tears and...the METAL TEETH CHOMP! is most cruelly denied! Yep, Sam's flayed nerves flop wetly into a most woefully CHOMP!-less blackout.

Next week, Our... "Zzzzzz...what?! What's happening!?" Nothing -- we're at the previews for next week. "Aaaaaaand?!" Supernatural's doing fairy tales. "Oh, you poor bastard! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!" See you next week, everyone!

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