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The Hardy Boys Toil and Trouble

In the motel parking lot, Sam and Dean load up their car. Billabong Mom walks up looking for Hollywood, who comes running out to greet her. She says her other kid is going to be fine, a recovery that nobody can explain. All the other kids are being discharged, too, and Billabong mentions something about a "Dr. Travis," which Sam picks up on. He asks where Dr. Hydecker is, and Billabong says he wasn't in today. That's a pretty lame resolution for that guy. Billabong innocently asks if anything happened while she was gone, and Hollywood practically winks a gleaming wink at the boys when he says, "Nah!" They leave, and Sam and Dean turn back to the car. We get a shot of Dean shutting the trunk, and we have dream catcher removal confirmation in this daylight scene. I cry and cry. Sam laments that Hollywood now knows that there are bad things out there in the dark. What, like charming men trying to do things to you in motels? Dean looks concerned, and then Sam continues, emotionally saying that he wishes he could have that kind of innocence. Dean spends a long time gazing here and there before responding: "If it means anything, sometimes I wish you could, too." Aw. They get in the car and drive off to Ozzy Osbourne's "Road to Nowhere." Oh, come on, don't sell yourself short like that. Certainly this road will go somewhere?

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