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The Hardy Boys Toil and Trouble

Cut to Sam hanging out by the Metallicar in the town square. Dean walks up with coffee and says that the local waitress had no tips on anything weird going on in the town. Sam keep staring straight ahead and asks Dean what time it is. It's ten after four; Sam asks Dean "what's wrong with this picture." Oooh, hooray! A game! Are we looking for Waldo? The camera swings around and shows us a nearly empty playground.The boys walk over to the playground and creep up to a mother sitting on a bench while her daughter plays alone on some monkey bars. Dean remarks on how quiet it is, the mother replies that it's a shame that kids have been getting sick. Jackpot! She continues on, relaying that it's just five or six kids, but they're all seriously ill and in the hospital. Woodwinds of Molestation moan in the background while we pan in on Jensen's concerned face watching a little girl clamber around on the bars.

Cut to the hospital, the same one, I believe as we saw in "Bloody Mary." The brothers walk in the front door wearing fairly nerdish suits. Sam is freaking out and crowding Dean's personal space, "Dude, dude, I am NOT using this ID." When Dean asks why, Sam brings the joke home, "Because it says bikini inspector on it." Why would any ID say that on it? Maybe this is leftover prank from last week's episode? Dean tells Sam that they won't even ask to see the ID as long as he acts confident. They're walking pretty briskly, and suddenly come up on the reception desk. Sam immediately acts shifty. He announces that he's Dr. Jerry Kaplan from the Centers for Disease Control. The nurse asks for ID, Sam turns around and makes a stern face at Dean, then turns back to the nurse with a shifty smile. He pulls out the card, flashes it at her with his finger covering his picture. I'm curious about who this "Dr. Jerry Kaplan, Bikini Inspector" is. Let's see a show about him! The nurse then naturally directs this most suspicious fellow and his equally suspicious partner lurking around behind him right to the pediatrics ward. Ah, what a seamless set piece.

Pianos of Let's Get Serious Here For a Minute, Folks play as the boys walk toward the pediatrics ward. Dean pauses to peer in a room that contains an old lady with really long gray hair sitting in a wheelchair. She seems to sense his presence, and turns around to look at him with freaky milky eyes. Strings of Witchery warble, and Dean notices an upside-down cross hanging on her wall. Sam gets Dean's attention and they continue on to pediatrics.

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