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The Hardy Boys Toil and Trouble

Back at the motel, another extensive establishing shot. We slowly pan into and across Hollywood Boy and brother's bedroom, where a bony tree-branch hand makes its way in the window. Abrupt end of scene.

Commercials. The Metallicar pulls into the motel in the daylight. I guess that little crucifix project took all night. Heh, I'd give Dean a crucifix project that could take all night. People, I've lost the power to resist these jokes. Do you smell my recap desperation? It smells of boredom, and a bit of chicken too, I think. Sam and Dean get out of the car laughing about the old lady. Well, actually Sam is laughing, but Dean is being serious. Before heading into their room, Dean spies Hollywood Boy sitting on a bench off to the side. They walk over and find out that Hollywood Boy's little brother is in the hospital with Open Window Pneumonia. Hollywood Boy thinks its his fault. Dean tells the kid to buck up. Billabong Mom distractedly loads up the car, instructing Hollywood Boy to put the "No Vacancy" sign up on the motel. When Hollywood Boy asks to come to the hospital, Billabong Mom tells him "not now, Michael!" What? What mother in the world would do that? Leave her one kid alone in a motel while she attends to her other kid? Billabong Mom is acting crazy. Dean says he'll drive her to the hospital. Before he gets in her car, he leans in toward Sam and quietly says, "We're gonna kill this thing. I want it dead, you hear me?"

Public library. Sam hangs out on the microfiche machine. He calls Dean, who is at the hospital. Sam has found evidence of the shtriga showing up every 15-20 years in Fort Douglas, Ogdenville, North Haverbrook ("Where the monorail is king!"), and Brockway. The earliest mention Sam found is in Black River Falls in the 1890s. Sam flips through the microfiche from a paper in the 1890s when something catches his attention. One of the doctors is Dr. Hydecker. Luckily, Jensen Ackles does NOT take this opportunity to work on his Jack Nicholson in The Shining impression, and simply asks Sam if he is sure. Dean's gaze lands on Dr. Hydecker comforting Billabong Mom. The doc walks over to Dean, who has magically appeared one and a half feet away from the pair. Please note that Dean is fully wearing his leather jacket and jeans get-up and yet Dr. Hydecker still keeps up the CDC pretense.Back in the motel, the brothers are exasperated that they didn't think of the doctor before. Sam expresses surprise that Dean didn't shoot the doc just before. Dean reminds him that it isn't good form to "open fire in a pediatrics ward," and also that it wouldn't have killed him since he's invulnerable except when "chowing down on something." Then Dean provides a third reason why, but his locution is so confusing and involves "a clip" and "burn[ing] a hole in him" and I don't understand what he's saying. Sam tells his brother that he's getting wise in his old age. Then he turns to me and tells me I'm getting stupid in my tenure recapping this show. But Dean has an idea. He acts like a rocket scientist putting together, um, a rocket? when observing to Sam that Hollywood Boy is probably the next victim on the list. Why they wouldn't have put this together immediately is beyond me. Sam wants to get Hollywood Boy out of the motel, but Dean wants to use him as bait. Sam is sort of horrified at this suggestion. I am horrified at Sam's hair in this scene. The brothers fight, their voices get elevated, and finally, Dean dramatically turns away from Sam, faces the camera with Sam in the background, and loudly emotes to the side of the lens, "It's my fault! I'm the one who screwed up!" Alert the coast guard, I think we've got a thezzpian in the house!

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