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A Confederacy of Dunces

Denouement. As the guys prepare to go their separate ways Dean theorizes that the teens didn't possessed because they were young and innocent, which is a bunch of hooey. Have you ever met a teenager who didn't have a grudge against someone for something? But how did Garth escape possession? Well, he's just super zen. "You got to let all that stuff go, amigo," he tells Dean. "Now stop being an idjit," he says a little angrily. "With Bobby dead, you and Sam are all each other has." That's not true, but whatever. Garth gives Dean a big, long hug, which Dean eventually returns. (Somewhere Crowley is jotting down a note to call him "Huggy Bear" at some point.) Dean passes on Bobby's torch by returning Bobby's trucker cap.

Sam, washing his face in the motel room, has one last flashback. He stops by Amelia's motel room to convince her he doesn't pity her. "You and I are a lot of things, but we're not to be pitied." He tells her about losing his brother and then running like Amelia did after her husband died. So all is forgiven and they have a drink and offer to talk to each other about their dead loved ones.

In the present, he confronts Dean. He starts off by telling Dean about Amelia. For all his protests earlier, he does act like Dean is the one keeping him from Amelia, even though he claimed things were over with her by the time he showed up at Rufus's cabin. Dean starts to say he doesn't remember what he said while possessed, but Sam doesn't care. He's got his panties all up his butt and the only way to get them out is to dig deep. "You and I both know you didn't need a penny to say those things," he says. "Own up to your crap, Dean!" He says Dean's the one who's been keeping secrets. "You got on your high and mighty and you been kicking me ever since you got back, but that's over! So move on or I will." So Dean moves on by getting into the Impala and driving away, leaving Sam behind once and for all. Or maybe he just gives Sam a long, considering look and says, "Okay. I hear you." But that's not good enough for Sam. "Well, hear this, too. I just might be that hunter that runs into Benny one day and ices him." Dean narrows his eyes at his brother. "I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it," he says. "Yeah, you keep saying that," Sam scoffs. They glare at each other over the hood of the Impala. What a fun road trip they're going to have!

So, there we are. At some point, it's probably going to come down to Dean having to choose between blood brother and "blood" brother. It'll be like the Civil War all over again, with nearly as many mutton chops and casualties. What side are you on?

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