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A Confederacy of Dunces

"Caught wind of a case on this police scanner," Dean says. "Sounds like our kind of thing." Sam gapes at him. "I wasn't even gone 10 minutes," he sputters. What difference this makes is a mystery, and Dean expresses a similar confusion. Sam snits and fumes about how they haven't talked since Prentiss Island and Dean just wants him to pretend like nothing happened. It would be awesome if he would do just that, but this is Sam we're talking about. Dean opens up the floor to a discussion about Benny. Sam is appalled that Dean is hanging out with a vampire. At least he has the sense to lower his voice when complaining of this, although if anyone did ever overhear their argument, they could just say they're bickering about a TV show. Because, really, every fight they have in this episode has played out over the fandom many, many times.

Dean explains that Benny is the reason he was able to escape from Purgatory, but Sam seems neither grateful nor relieved. "I get you had to do what you had to do down there," Sam says. "I highly doubt you get anything about Purgatory," Dean interrupts. Sam keeps plowing through: "But you're out now and Benny's still breathing. Why?" Dean looks at his brother and says, "He's my friend, Sam." Upon hearing the quiet, intense sincerity in his brother's voice, Sam immediately realizes how cruel it was of him to suggest Dean should have betrayed Benny. Well, that's how it should have gone, but then the episode would be over. So instead, Sam flails and huff and puffs and refers to the mental list he's been composing since they left Prentiss Island. He brings up the time big bro killed Amy. Dean should point out that the situations are hardly similar, but instead he says he's changed since then. He reminds Sam that they were both in favor of letting werewolf Kate go. Sam scoffs because he doesn't think Benny is going to refrain from drinking live blood. When Dean doesn't say anything, Sam scoffs some more. He scoffs a lot in this episode. "Okay, you're right. People change," Sam says sarcastically. "Yeah, I got a vampire buddy and you turned your phone off for a year," Dean shoots back. How are these guys able to be on the same continent with each other, much less in the same car? Dean says if Benny slips up and some other hunter kills him, so be it... but he's not going to be the one to do it.

Sam and Dean arrive at the Lew residence in Kearney just as the ambulance is driving away with whatever smear remained of Mr. Lew. Dean fills Sam in on the details. You'd think he would have done this somewhere on the way, but whatever. To sum up: Wife drove off with half her husband's head under her car, blacked out and doesn't remember what happened. As usual, Sam has to question whether this is really their kind of thing. Is there any reason Sam has to come along for these cases? I mean, really? Drop his huffy ass back off in Texas or wherever the hell, and then just leave him enough money for gas or plane fare to rejoin the Kevin hunt later. If Dean hates working alone, he can team up with Benny. Or any random psycho hitchhiker he finds along the way. Anybody would make a better colleague than Sam at this point. Anyway, Dean explains it thusly: "Kevin's in the wind, you're sulking around like a eunuch in a whore house, and I can't help but ask myself: when is decapitation not my thing?" That shuts Sam up long enough for them to get to work.

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