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A Confederacy of Dunces

After they've finished with Scott, they move on to the supernatural portion of the investigation. Sam, finding no trace of EMF weirdness or sulfur, is all too quick to dismiss the case. Garth pretty much tells him so. Dean feels vindicated to have Garth back him up, which just goes to show you how desperate he is to have someone on his wavelength. While nosing around the scene, Garth steps in something green and gooey. "Is that gum or is that ectoplasm?" Dean asks. "Ectoplasm is usually black," Sam says. This being a garage area, one might assume it's that green stuff you put in a flat tire. Just to be sure, Garth scoops up a big handful off the bottom of his boot and tastes it. Dead! A thousand times dead! Alas, he survives to confirm that, yes, it's ectoplasm, which means they're dealing with some kind of ghost. Dean's moment of triumph is interrupted when Will Smith's "Wild Wild West" begins to emanate from Garth's assortment of phones. Dean turns to Sam and says, "One of those things rings Hammer and I'm throwing down." Garth listens to his caller for a moment, and then tells the brothers that the coroner just called to tell him Mr. Lew had the word "Alcott" carved into his chest. The writing instrument of choice was wife Mary's fingernails.

The three of them head to Mary Lew's hospital room. "I was at the store getting groceries," she says, "and the next thing I know, my son Scott finds me in the driveway." She says tearfully she only remembers "bits and pieces" of what happened, which makes Garth giggle inappropriately. He looks to Dean, who shakes his head in a silent warning to cool it the hell down. Mary says she remembers Chester screaming. She remembers feeling an uncontrollable rage. "After it was over, all that anger... it was gone," she says. When Garth asks her about Alcott, Mary's hands curl into fists. She tells them about how she and her husband-to-be had a silly fight back in high school so he ended up taking Sarah Alcott to the prom instead of her. She insists that was the only night Sarah and Chester were together. At Sam's questioning, Mary confirms that Sarah is still alive.

The Winchesters and New Bobby make their way to a bar to get something to eat and discuss the case. In practically every background shot, there's some incarnation of the Confederate flag, just so we don't forget we're in the South. Garth plows through a plate of some kind of gross, deep-fried nugget things. Dean has his usual burger plate while Sam enjoys a salad. With his mouth full of partially chewed nuggets, Garth asks Dean, "So... where were you this past year?" Reluctantly, Dean says he was in Purgatory. "Man, that's balls!" Garth says with a big smile. "That's not how you say 'balls,'" Dean tells him. Garth asks him how he got out. Sam makes the prissiest, snarkiest face and turns to Dean, waiting for the answer. Dean ignores them both and asks instead about all the flags everywhere. This prompts Garth to delve into a history lesson about how Missouri was a border state during the Civil War, so half fought for the Union and the other half were Confederate. "How do you know all this?" Sam asks. "I went to college," Garth says. Along with all the other things Sam has forgotten over the years, he's apparently forgotten that he too went to college. Turns out Garth went to dental school and his first case was ganking the Tooth Fairy. He still seems pretty torn up about it. I would be more sympathetic, but he's spent this entire scene showing every masticated morsel of food in his mouth. Even Dean, who's been known to stuff his cheeks like a chipmunk hoarding for the winter, seems a little grossed out.

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