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A Confederacy of Dunces

When we return from the commercial break, the Winchesters and Garth have arrived at the dead sheriff's office. Parts of him are splattered on the wall behind his desk while the rest of him gets carted out by the coroner's staff. Dean takes a look at the bloody scene and says, "Ten bones says Deputy Doug had an ax to grind with his boss." His voice sounds especially gravelly today. He should really invest in a pack of throat lozenges. He points to some green goo on the desk. "Maybe we torched the wrong redneck," Dean says. Shut up, Dean. Sam thinks something must have been taken from the tomb -- despite appearances -- and now the specter is attached to it.

They question a befuddled Deputy Doug about what he remembers. "I was on the ground," he says. "I think Carl tackled me. I asked him what happened." Instead of answering, Carl took the gun and walked away, but not before he said something about going to the hospital.

The heretofore unseen Carl drives up to the local hospital, grabs the gun and pauses near the side view mirror so that we can see his grody soldier reflection. He looks at himself like, "Dang, I need some moisturizer!"

Meanwhile, with Dean on his way to the hospital, Garth and Sam have gone to the public library. On their way inside, Garth extends the same offer to Sam that he did to Dean, which is to listen to his endless man-pain. "Just seems like you and Dean are talking and nobody's listening to each other," he says. He starts blabbing on about some cousin of his, but Sam tunes him out for a flashback.

It's the morning after his night of unbridled, fully clothed passion with Amelia and things are awkward. He wakes up just as Amelia is trying to sneak away. When he asks her what's going on, she says she doesn't need his pity. "I don't need you looking at me the way they all do," she says. Sam makes a puppy dog face. "Like that!" What she doesn't know is that Sam has two major faces and they cover a wide range of emotions. The puppy dog face could be indicative of pity, but it's just as likely to be a sign of sympathy, confusion, sadness or just needing to go walkies. Sam says it's not pity and that he's glad she told him about Don. But she's determined to keep jumping to the worst possible conclusions and for all that she complains about him judging her, she's the one judging him. I wasn't sold on them as a couple at first, but now it's obvious they're totally meant to be.

In the present day, Sam is still loitering on the steps of the public library, lost in his flashback until Garth finally snaps him out of it. A cute librarian takes them back to the history book section, a little puzzled as to how much to expect to learn about an "unknown" soldier. Nonetheless, she does find one book that might help them.

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