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A Confederacy of Dunces

Back at the hospital, Carl has blasted his way into the lobby. He turns the gun on some guy in scrubs. "Hey ump -- you remember me?" he asks. "I 'stole' second." He starts berating the guy for making a bad call at their softball game or whatever the hell. All that really matters is that he's holding a grudge against Mr. Scrubs. He pulls the trigger. Click. Nothing happens. "Looks like you're shooting blanks," Dean says behind him. He grabs the gun from Carl, and then punches him in the face. Carl is hardly fazed, much to Dean's surprised. Carl returns the favor and totally lays Dean out. He picks Dean up off the floor by the neck and stares deeply into his eyes.

For some damned reason, we interrupt this scene of exciting action to check back into the library. The librarian reads Garth and Sam a passage about a Union soldier who killed his Confederate soldier brother, Vance Collins. Sam, having apparently skipped history courses in college, is surprised to learn that brothers fought on different sides of the war. "Legend has it that Vance swore vengeance on his brother with his dying breath," the librarian says. The Union brother dug up his brother years later and brought him home. You'd think that would be the time for the specter to get revenge on his brother, but whatever. "Are you suggesting this Vance guy is the Unknown Soldier?" Garth asks, as if there would be any other reason for her to read them that passage. Sam looks at a picture of Vance and notices a coin on a string around his neck.

Back at the hospital, Dean tries to reason with Carl, but Carl's having none of it. He gets all up in Dean's face and takes a good, long sniff. Judging by Dean's comical expression of surprise, this was not what he was expecting from the specter. "Ohhh, the specter liiikes yooou," Carl coos at him. "Why don't you tell him to come out here and we'll make promise bracelets," Dean says. Carl throws Dean across a nearby desk. The specter likes Dean, but he doesn't like promise bracelets.

Library. Poor soldiers were given a penny on a string by their families. They were for good luck or for buying things, because a penny went a lot farther back then. A light bulb comes on over Sam's head.

But now we're back to the hospital, so his revelation will have to wait. Carl grabs Dean's hand and presses a penny -- the penny -- into it. "Here, have a taste!" Dean's face goes, "Buh?"

Sam calls Dean, but gets his voicemail. He explains all about the penny and the string he found in the tomb. He calls Dean again, but still no answer. When he returns to the motel room, he finds big bro sitting calmly on the bed. Green goo oozes out of his ear. By way of greeting, he points his gun at Sam and says, "You should have looked for me when I was in Purgatory."

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