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The Hardy Boys Are Still Not Having Sex With Each Other!

So, in any event, Badass Bobby guts himself, thereby allowing Dashing El Deano to leap into action, and he smacks around the demonically enhanced in the room by himself for a bit until -- in a cleansing burst of synchronicity -- Still-Darling Yet Woebegone And Forlorn Sammy skulks back into the room at this very moment. Unfortunately for Dashing El Deano, Darling Sammy suh-huuuuuucks even more at the hand-to-hand after his supernatural plane crash detox, a fact which Meg quickly takes to her advantage when she nails his heretofore remarkably healthy jaw with a telephone uppercut! "DEATH!" roars Raoul, working himself into a downright frenzy of outrage. "DEATH TO SHE WHO WOULD INJURE THE JAW!" I think Raoul's turned into a Samgirl. "I beg your pardon, I'm sure!" shrieks Raoul, offended. "But I simply cannot condone any sort of violence that would injure either dear boy's face!" Ah. An entirely justified response. "Thanks!"

Where was I? Oh, yeah: Sam for whatever reason immediately realizes his telephone girl is actually Meg, which seems a little strange, but we'll go with it for now, mainly because I want this scene over with already. Before the two can taunt at each other properly, however, Dean retrieves The Knife That Can Kill Anything Except When It Usually Can't from Bobby's copious gut and jams the blade into Meg's henchdemon, who expires quite nicely right there on the floor, thank you very much. Meg, realizing she's outnumbered, backs herself into the room's kitchenette before throwing her host's head back and roaring, expelling a geyser of bitterly black demonic foulness that zips away through the room's ducts, leaving her now thoroughly depossessed hostess to drop to the floor, unconscious. Got all that? "I did!" Good. Next!

Pike Creek, and oh, crap. Totally forgot about this scene, and while it's creepily atmospheric and therefore terribly effective in that particular way this show does especially well (most notably with regard to the phantom baby monitor and the bassinet leaking imaginary blood), and while Mark Pellegrino's certainly doing a fine enough job as The Grieving Husband And Father Who's Slowly Losing His Marbles, I've never seen this Nick person before in my life, and given the fact that Lucifer's not likely to relinquish a Vessel once he's assumed control of it, I'm never going to see this Nick person again, so whatever. Next!

St. Random's Emergent Care Professional Clinic, Beats The Crap Out Of Me, Kansaforniana, U.S.A. The boys haul a grievously wounded but still-alive Bobby through the ER doors, dump him onto a gurney, and bolt for The Jesus Wormhole on their way to upstate New York.

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