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The Hardy Boys Are Still Not Having Sex With Each Other!

In any case, and long story short, My New And Improved Sweet Baboo next stomps the remaining Meathead into the damn concrete before running him through with Uriel's special angel-smiting scimitar as well, and -- to paraphrase the lovely and talented sallybreeze, who was the first to note this fact so succinctly on the forum boards -- we haven't seen Castiel kick this much ass since he was a little girl. "How are you still alive?" Zachariah gapes, once the Meathead smiting is done. "Good question," Castiel gruffly allows, before following it up with one of his own. "How did these two end up on that airplane?" "The angels didn't do it," Castiel craftily reminds him. "I think we both know the answer, don't we?" "Well, I don't!" pouts Raoul. "Who did it!? WHO?!" Patience, Raoul, and all will be revealed. "WHEN!?" In the season finale. "Rats!" My Newly Empowered Sweet Baboo, meanwhile, quite rationally ignores the imaginary gay dragon on the Internet in favor of coldly ordering Zachariah to "put these boys back together and go." Zachariah, thoroughly unnerved by this turn of events, immediately complies. Thus left alone with his human boyfriend and that boyfriend's genetic freak of an oversized younger brother, Castiel warns that Our Intrepid Heroes must be far more careful in the future, as "Lucifer is circling his Vessel," and once he finds a way in to Boring Old Nick, piddling little voodoo tricks like Sam's flimsy hex bags won't be of much use in cloaking Our Dear Boys' whereabouts. With that in mind, Castiel approaches the two and places his hands upon their chests, and after a couple searing bursts of pain, Sam and Dean find themselves freshly protected by something called "The Enochian Sigil," which will hide them "from every angel in creation," including (natch) Lucifer. "What, you just brand us with it?" Dean splutters, still clutching at his chest. "No," Castiel calmly replies, "I carved it into your ribs." "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" This pleases you, Raoul? "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" I'm going to have to start a list of which Winchester body parts you'll allow to be touched.

Wait a minute. Forget I said that. "Dirty!"

ANY-way, Darling Sammy thinks to ask, "Were you really dead?" Castiel nods. "Then how are you back?" My Sweet Baboo's boyfriend wonders. Without a further word, Castiel flutters away. Mysterious!

Dullaware. Trust me, I hate referring to this scene that way, especially because Bellamy Young does a fantastic job as Lucifer in the guise of Nick's dead wife, Sarah, but as I said several paragraphs ago: I've never seen this Nick person before in my life, and given the fact that Lucifer's not likely to relinquish a Vessel once he's assumed control of it, I'm never going to see this Nick person again, so whatever -- whatever to Nick's incipient alcoholism, brought on by the brutal double murder of his wife and infant son by assailants unknown (though, you know, if I felt like it, I could congratulate Eric Kripke for so forthrightly exploring what apparently are his deepest fears in order to write this script, but I don't, so I won't); whatever to Nick's subsequent animosity towards God, whom he now sees as an indifferent monster given what happened to his family; and whatever to Lucifer's sweetly soothing methods for bending Nick to his will (despite their striking contrast to the blunt-force trauma Zachariah chose to employ with regard to Dean), because while this version of Lucifer claims his only sin was to love God "too much," and while this version of Lucifer further claims he always, without fail, tells the truth, it's far too early in this storyline to know what to believe and what to discard, so please would you all get to the point already? Oh, and look at that: While I was typing this out, Nick granted his consent. Next!

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