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The Hardy Boys Are Still Not Having Sex With Each Other!

AND MY Sweet Baboo Castiel did require permission to possess the body of his Vessel, after which Our Intrepid Heroes did exorcise several acne-ridden Pubescents, after which Our Dear Boys did discover The Prophet Chuck, and verily did The Prophet reek of Booze and Desperation and Funyuns and Bad Writing. And lo, Castiel's superior the Angel Zachariah appeared unto Dashing El Deano and spake thus with inordinate amounts of glee: "It is time for a Planetary Enema!" And sore afflicted was Dashing El Deano, who wished to reserve the Enemas for the Angel Zachariah himself -- especially if those Enemas were of Drano Brand Clog Remover, and especially if those Drano Brand Clog Remover Enemas were administered via a Rusty Funnel -- for Dashing El Deano saw not the need to slaughter the entire human race just because Angels and Demons had nothing better to do with their Eternities.

AND AT the ending of THE ROAD, Darling Sammy's eyes did flip beetle black, and he did hoist his Mighty Hand Of Discontent to Lilith's visage, and Lilith did fall to the floor of St. Mary's Chapel in that place of Ilchester, dead (as Princess Embolism had earlier convinced Darling Sammy of the propriety of such action), and sore afflicted -- again, some more -- was Dashing El Deano, for My Sweet Baboo did reveal unto him that Lilith herself was the Final Seal. And after most satisfactorily gutting Princess Embolism with her own Knife, Our Intrepid Heroes did cling unto each other and weep like Little Girls, for the Blood of Lilith had crept across the floor to form a Sigil from which erupted a blinding White Light, and P. Diddy did hash-tag his dismay incessantly upon The Twitter, but the Tears of Our Heroes and the Scribblings of The Diddy were for Naught, for The Shining One did arrive upon Castiel's Day, as was oft foretold in the Holy Promos, which The KRIPKE did suffer to inflict upon His minions all Summer long.

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