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The Hardy Boys Work Each Other's Last Damn Nerve

...Room 12 at The King's Lair Hotel, where he barges in to find Sam reading a book. "You think this is funny?" Dean fumes. Sam's all, "Buznuh-whaaaa?" so Dean shouts, "The car! You can't let the air out of the tires, you idiot -- you're gonna bend the rims!" Sam primly claims to have been nowhere near the Impala in the last day, so Dean whips the money clip out of his jeans with a flourish, all but screeching, "A-HA!" as he does so. Sam gets his panties in a wad -- again, some more -- and rises to his feet to demand, "Gimme back my money!" "No!" Dean sneers back. "Consider it reparations for emotional trauma!" Sam's all, "Very funny, now give it back!" and Dean's all, "No!" so Sam goes, "I have had it up to here with you!" as he flaps one of his massive mitts around in the air at precisely the level his considerably shorter brother reaches when standing up straight. Hee. "Yeah?" Dean blares. "Right back atcha!" The entire little bitchfest rapidly descends into a rousing two-man bout of Keep Away with the money clip, and Our Intrepid Heroes end up wrestling around on the bed for a bit until the screen freezes and Present-Day Bobby eye-rolls, "Okay, I've heard enough." "I'm surprised at you two," he chides, "I really am!" "Sam," he lectures, "Dean did not steal your computer, and Dean, Sam did not touch your car, and if you two bothered to pull your heads out of your asses, it all would have been pretty clear!" Bobby, you see, has plowed straight through this episode's bullshit to figure out exactly who's responsible for all of this evening's wacky hijinks: a "Trickster."

These entities "create mischief and chaos," according to Bobby, and the one they're apparently up against realized Our Intrepid Heroes were on its tail some time ago, and so conspired to turn them against each other by sabotaging both Sam's laptop and Dean's car. Long story short, Tricksters like Loki in Scandinavia and Anansi in West Africa are immortal, can "create things out of thin air" that "are as real as you and me," and can "make them vanish just as quick." Tricksters are also quite fond of knocking supercilious pricks down a couple of notches, so the philandering professor, the meathead jock frat-boy asshole, and the research scientist all match the victim profile to one extent or another. Sam and Dean bang their empty little heads together and quickly realize that the janitor's the only likely suspect "who's been at Ground Zero" -- Crawford Hall -- this entire time, and...

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