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The Hardy Boys Work Each Other's Last Damn Nerve

Auditorium. Aftermath. Interestingly enough, the janitor's imaginary bimbo stripper whore stage set remains in place. Less interestingly, it was at this very instant I realized that the Trickster sent his own body double into the auditorium to confront Our Intrepid Heroes, so that entire action sequence we just sat through was nothing more than yet another massive waste of time in an evening that's been full of them. The somewhat battered boys plus the entirely uninjured Bobby -- because Bobby is awesome like that -- regroup over the Trickster's imaginary non-rapidly-cooling not-corpse to make with the quippy remarks before fleeing the building. Outside, Sam attempts to thank Bobby for his invaluable assistance, but Bobby cuts him off with, "Save it -- let's get the hell out of Dodge before someone finds that body." The three trundle down the main stairs to the waiting Impala, and just as they're about to embark, Sam again grinds their escape to a halt in order to apologize to Dean for his recent transgressions. Dean gazes into Emo Action Sammy's Super-Special Puppy-Dog Eyes Of Regretful Sincerity for a moment before nodding his head around all, "Me, too." Just then, an aggravated Bobby pops back out from the back seat to eyebrow, "You guys are breaking my heart -- could we please just leave?" Hee. Sam and Dean exchange dizzy "That's Our Bobby!" grins and slide into the front seat. Metallicar grumbles off out of the frame as the camera lingers to pan in on Crawford Hall's front doors.

A quick cut whips us back to the auditorium's interior, where the Trickster's Imaginary Body Double sprawls in one of the seats. The Trickster himself -- recognizable instantly by his grey uniform and the jangling cluster of keys on his belt -- enters the frame to amble over to the supposed corpse, and he stands above it for a moment, looking down, before The Trickster's Imaginary Body Double vanishes into the air. The camera reverses to linger upon the Trickster gnawing away at candy bar before the final METAL TEETH CHOMP! arrives to haul us all into the end-of-episode blackout.

"THAT SUCKED!" Raoul, really! Such language. "Well, it did!" Raoul pouts, feeling cheated. "Only one -- ONE -- moment of worthwhile gore the entire evening! I don't know why I bothered!" Not to worry, my impressively fanged friend. The next episode is entitled "Road Kill." How does that sound? "Delicious!" I thought you'd like it. Unfortunately, it doesn't air until March 15th. "No matter -- I'm sure the delightful guest stars will be more than worth the wait!" Um. "WHAT?!" The Person In Peril's actually some boob job from Playboy. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!"

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