Taxi Driver

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Hell Is Other People

Sam cuts open his arm, chants something else in Latin and releases Bobby's sparkly soul. The sparkle rises up into the trees, then stops. The sparkle goes from blue to murky brown. The brothers stare in confusion. "Hello, boys," says Crowley. "Let him go, Crowley," Dean says. When Crowley refuses, the boys advance on him. Even Crowley points out how dumb this is. He flicks his hand and pins them to the nearest trees. To Crowley's annoyance, Naomi joins the party. She chastises Crowley for wrongly imprisoning an innocent soul. He chastises her for siding with the Winchesters. "Before they're done, we'll both be locked away," he says. "I'm just hoping they lock you away, dear," she says. He calls her a bureaucrat, which just pisses her right off. She raises a glowy hand to do away with him, but he vanishes before she can finish the job. The Winchesters fall to the ground. Naomi finger-guns Bobby's sparkly soul on to Heaven, then turns to the brothers. "I told you you could trust me," she says. She flutters away with a smile. Sam's confused, but there's no time for that! He takes out a piece of paper, reads aloud exactly four syllables of Enochian and grabs his right hand like he's got the worst carpal tunnel syndrome ever. He drops to his knees as his veins light up. He groans and shakes and makes pained faces while Dean looks on in worry. Sam assures him he's fine and totally not turning into primordial soup from the inside out.

Back on the houseboat, Kevin is repainting some of the warding symbols when Crowley's voice pays him another visit. He tells himself it's just a dream, which works pretty well until the windows explode and shower him with glass. "Thought you could elude me forever," Crowley says, now standing before Kevin in the flesh. He says he tortured Kevin's mother to make her talk. When she didn't, they killed her and got Kevin's address off her phone. "What you people never understand," Crowley says, "is you are nothing! Fleeting blips of light! I! Am! Forever!" Kevin screams and screams.

That pesky rain cloud follows the brothers from Maine. Dean drives and asks Sam if he's all right, but Sam doesn't feel much like talking. So Dean changes the subject: "I buried Benny, but I didn't burn his bones." He says it like a confession, but Sam, for once, is on his side about the late vampirate. "I get it," Sam says. "He's a little different from what I thought." Dean tries not to look too surprised at this turn of events. "So go ahead and leave the door open if you want," Sam says. Yes! Please, yes! Ahem...

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