Taxi Driver

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Tippi Blevins: D+ | 19 USERS: B
Hell Is Other People

By the time they get to the boat, Kevin is gone. Like, gone gone, and not just hiding in the closet with a frying pan. The windows and the warding symbols are all still in place, contrary to Kevin's imaginings. As Sam and Dean look around, they realize that Kevin has taken all his notes with him. "I saw this coming," Dean says. Then why didn't you do anything? Oh my God. Stop being stupid! Just stop! "Little geek made a run for it," Dean says. "But where?" Sam wonders. They leave the question to hang unanswered until the next episode.

Tippi Blevins has been possessed by a recapping demon. Send holy water to, or chant spells at her on Twitter: @TippiB.

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