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Hell Is Other People

Meanwhile, Crowley is fuming in his luxuriously appointed chalet. Snow can be seen beyond the windows, so presumably the real estate is not in Hell. His ire is currently directed at a female minion who's standing at his desk. "Am I the only one who sees the urgency of this situation?" he froths. "Something is going on! My hellhound has been killed, Winchester: Jumbo Size is trying to break into the mothership, and that prophet of theirs is madly translating away! Add it up!" He sends her off in search of Kevin and the other half of the tablet. You might think the King of Hell could snap his fingers and instantly divine Sam's location in Hell, or at least take a guess that Jumbo Size is after Bobby Singer. You might think he'd flood that particular corner of Hell with demons, but you'd be wrong! Is Hell running low on demons? Are they all on shore leave?

Morning finds Dean making scrambled eggs and bacon for God's Nuttiest Prophet. To Dean's surprise, Kevin isn't in his room or closet, but is just returning from errands in the outside world. "What happened to being scared?" Dean asks. "I am scared," Kevin says. "So I made a preemptive move." The little dweeb has hidden his half of the tablet and refuses to tell Dean just where. He flounces off to his room and shuts the door.

"Kids," says a woman's voice behind Dean. "So cute when they're little, and then they turn into teenagers and the party's over." He turns to see Naomi standing there. His face goes, "Buh?" It's nice that, even with everything he's seen, he can still be surprised. "We haven't been formally introduced," she says, extending her hand. As soon as she says her name, he backs away from her. "I know who you are and what you did to Cass after he got out of Purgatory." She corrects him: "After I rescued him from Purgatory, at the cost of many angels' lives." Dean reminds her of her little brainwashing ways, but Naomi is quite the adept politician. She spins it as her trying to "reach out" to Castiel -- Castiel who's had a history of mental illness. Dean tells her to drop it. "You think I don't know you told him to kill me?" he asks. "I suppose that is how he would hear it," she sighs. She admits she told him to use any means necessary to retrieve the tablet. She was just trying to protect Heaven, she says. She's worried about what will happen now that Castiel has the tablet. Luckily, Dean doesn't believe her and says he doesn't trust angels. You know, except for the one with insanely blue eyes and rumpled overcoat. Naomi points out that the boat isn't warded against angels. "You're hoping Castiel will return to you," she says. Then she decides to pick at one of the never-healing scabs on Dean's sense of self-worth: "I admire your loyalty. I only wish he felt the same way." Naomi assures them they're on the same team, then turns to go. In the tone of one offering a gift, she says she knows about Ajay. "He did mention, didn't he, that his way into Hell is through Purgatory?" she asks. "I knew you'd want to know. You see, we can be of help to each other!" She flits away, leaving Dean to retrieve his jaw from the floor.

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